Luxury Meets Affordability – Worlds Most Affordable Tattoo Removal Machine

Lucid Q PTP Product Details 

  • Q-PTP Mode

    Switch between Quasi-Long and Q-PTP mode. Q-PTP mode delivers 2 pulses in a very short period of time.

  • Target Various Tattoo Colors

    Target light and dark colored tattoos for efficient tattoo removal.

  • Automatic System Monitoring

    Automatically monitors systems operation system.

Our Strong Points Ipad
  • Electronic Chart

    Save patient's name and parameters for efficient return treatment visits.

  • 4 Wavelengths: 1064 Nd:yag, 532 KTP, 650 Dye, 585 Dye.

    Easily transition between fractional, zoom, and dye hand-pieces. Up to 4 wavelengths

  • User Friendly UI

    User friendly display allows new users to quickly and easily learn to operate Lucid Q-PTP which equates to faster treatments.

Why The Lucid Q PTP Laser Tattoo Removal Machine?

Adding a laser tattoo removal machine to your clinic? The Lucid Q PTP is the worlds most luxurious, affordable, and effective FDA approved Q Switched laser tattoo removal machine available with 4 wavelengths: 1064 Nd:yag, 532 KTP, 585 Dye, and 650 dye. Luxury meets affordability.

All lasers have an engineering mode with a password that requires the technician to enter into the device to service the laser. All laser manufacturers guard these passwords to control service. Bison medical allows ALL qualified laser technicians to service their equipment. This means you will save money on service with the ability to use 3rd party technicians that are typically half the cost as manufacturer technicians.

Lucid Q PTP replacement parts are a fraction of the cost as competitors. This means you will save significantly long term on parts and service. Bison Medical devices are luxury lasers with out luxury prices. On average you will save $20,000 to $50,000 when you buy Bison Medical. Put that money back into your pocket!

What Colors Does the Lucid Q PTP Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Remove?

The Lucid Q PTP laser tattoo removal machine doesn’t just remove tattoos, it offers many other treatment options. But you may be wondering what colors tattoos does the Lucid Q PTP remove?

1064 wavelength removes: Greens, Blues, Blacks

532 wavelength removes: Browns, Reds, Oranges, Yellows, and Violets.

650 wavelength removes: Greens

585 wavelength removes: Sky blue

The Lucid Q PTP laser tattoo removal machine can remove a wide range of colors necessary to effectively offer permanent tattoo removal to your clientele at an affordable price.

The Lucid Q PTP laser comes standard with flat top zoom hand piece which works for 1064nm, 532nm, and 1064nm Quasi long mode. Also included are 1064nm fractional hand piece and 532nm fractional hand piece giving you the option to add in fractional treatments. Seen Below:

Additional options are the 532nm & 650nm Dye Hand pieces:

What are Dye Hand Pieces?

The Lucid Q PTP Dye Hand pieces are an optional feature you can add on to the device. These additional hand pieces will transform the emitted light/filter into 2 additional wavelengths (585nm & 650 nm). Other competing companies will talk negatively about dye hand pieces. Whoever says anything negative is FLAT OUT WRONG. They get the job done targeting additional colors and they are a great feature to add giving you the ability to hit additional colors while adding 2 more wavelengths cost effectively. You can transform the Lucid Q PTP into have 4 wavelengths by adding the 650nm and 585nm Dye hand pieces without spending significantly more money on a Ruby laser or a system which has all 3 wavelengths (1064nm, 532nm, 694nm). The Lucid Q PTP laser is the most affordable and effective tattoo removal laser in the entire market. The only options you have available to you in the market are 1064 nd:yag + 532m KTP adding dye hand pieces which is cost effective OR spend over $45,000 more money on a system which has 3 wavelengths combined (1064nm, 532nm, and 694nm). The last available option is a Q Switch Alexandrite 755nm laser and you will spend over $60,000 more buying any of these competiting devices which do the exact same thing as the Lucid Q PTP. If you’re looking for the Ruby Laser 694nm wavelength to add we also have this system available (Ruby Star). Keep in mind the most common colors you will be targeting is dark colors (blues and Blacks) and most common wavelength you will be using is the 1064nm Nd:Yag.

What Else Can the Lucid Q PTP Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Do?

The Lucid Q PTP Laser isn’t just a tattoo removal machine. This device provides many other treatment options that you can add to your business. Additional treatment options are included:

Epidermal Pigmentation

  • Freckle, Lentigo
  • Cafe au lait spot
  • Seborrheic Keratosis

Dermal Pigmentation

  • Abnom
  • Nevus of Ota

Toning & Lesions

  • Melasma
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Acne scars
  • Full face toning
  • Acne removal
  • Genesis toning also call laser genesis with Quasi-long mode


  • Soft Peeling or laser peel
  • Carbon peeling, also called hollywood peel and hollywood of photo facials.
  • Wrinkle reduction

Dye Toning

  • Post acne redness
  • Inflammatory acne
  • Facial flushing
  • Vascular melasma
  • Erytema (post treatment with laser)

Dye Red Brush

  • Freckles
  • Any other epidermal pigmentation

The Lucid Q PTP laser does a lot beside just remove tattoos. Because this device has PTP mode and fractional hand pieces you’re able to perform fractional facial resurfacing. The Lucid Q PTP is the best laser resurfacing device in the market today because it has so many other uses beside just laser tattoo removal.

What Is PTP Mode?

PTP mode is a feature unique to few Q Switched laser devices. The Lucid Q PTP is one of the few lasers which has this feature.

PTP stands for Photoacoustic Twin Pulse Mode also called PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse on the RevLite Si and Medlite C6. What exactly is PTP mode? and What is PTP Mode Used for?

PTP is a unique laser emitting mode in which double pulses are delivered within one Q-switching cycle. Each pulse has relatively weak energy compared to the standard single Q-switched beam, but they can transfer higher peak energy (up to 60% more) to the target melanosome than a single beam because double beams are successively irradiated at very short intervals (100~130 µsec) and their energy can be accumulated. As a result, the high peak energy instantly increases the temperature of the chromophore, leading to pressure changes and vibration, which then effectively destroys the chromophore through the form of a shock wave (photoacoustic effect).

PTP mode causes high peak power in a very short period of time, the laser is able to target tattoo inks, pigment, and collagen with its even energy dispersion and flat top beam without harming the surrounding tissue. You can use this mode for wide variety of treatments but creates the ideal environment for skin resurfacing.

A Luxury Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Meets Affordability 

Main Operating Screen

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The Lucid Q-PTP ND: Yag Laser System is indicated for the incision, excision, ablation, vaporization of soft tissues for general dermatology, dermatologic and general surgical procedures for coagulation of hemostasis.

532 nm Wavelength
(nominal delivered energy of 585 nm and 650 nm with optional dye handpieces)
Tattoo removal light ink (red, tan, purple, orange, sky blue, green), Removal of Epidermal Pigmented Lesions, Minor Vascular Lesions, Talangiectasias, Treatment of Lentigines, Café-Au-Lait, Sebrorrheic Keratoses, Post Inflammatory Hyper-Pigmentation, Treatment of Becker’s Nevi, Freckles and Nevi Spilus

1064 nm Wavelength
Tattoo removal: dark ink (black, blue, brown) Removal of Nevus of Ota Removal or lightening of unwanted hair with or without adjuvant preparation Treatment of Common Nevi, Melasma, Skin resurfacing procedures for treatment of acne scars and wrinkles.
Dimension (W x D x H)
320(W) x 830(D) x 1010(H) (mm)
87.5 Kg
Main voltage
220/230V, 50/60Hz
Maximum power consumption
3000 VA
Main current
12 A
Safety class
Class Ⅳ laser
Laser Type
Q-Switched Nd:YAG
1064nm / 532nm

Beam Delivery System
Via 7-articulated arm

Aiming Beam
635nm, 5mW

Beam Profile
Top Hat Mode

Energy(@Head Aperture)
Up to 2200mJ @ 1064nm PTP Q-Switched
Up to 600mJ @ 532nm PTP Q-Switched
Up to 1200mJ @ 1064nm Q-Switched
Up to 500mJ @ 532nm Q-Switched
Up to 3400mJ @ 1064nm Quasi-Long

Pulse Width
5~7ns @ 1064nm Q-Switched
5~7ns @ 532nm Q-Switched
~20ns @ 1064nm PTP Q-Switched
~20ns @ 532nm PTP Q-Switched
300㎲ @ 1064nm Quasi-Long

Up to 25Hz @ 1064nm Q-Switched
Up to 15Hz @ 532nm Q-Switched
Up to 15Hz @ 1064nm PTP Q-Switched
Up to 15Hz @ 532nm PTP Q-Switched
Up to 25Hz @ 1064nm Quasi-Long

Laser Cooling
Water-to- air heat exchanger

Zoom Handpiece
1064nm (Ø 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.5, 9,10)mm
532nm (Ø 1, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, 5.5, 7, 8.5, 9.5)mm

*1064nm Fractional Handpiece
6 x 6 mm², 9 x 9 dots, Up to 5.2J/cm²

*532nm Fractional Handpiece
6 x 6 mm², 9 x 9 dots, Up to 1.3J/cm²
LUCID Q-PTP is Q-Switched method Laser combination of 1064nm/532nm by using Nd:YAG. Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser. These two wavelengths are widely used for pigment treatment. LUCID Q-PTP has a feature called the PTP function which divides 1 pulse into 2 pulses. With adding the optional Dye hand-pieces (650 nm & 585 nm), the Lucid Q-PTP is able to project 4 distinct wavelengths - 532 nm, 585 nm, 650 nm, 1064 nm.
The benefit of PTP mode is to reduce pain and side-effects during operation. High repetition rate of 25Hz at 1064nm wavelength will provide fast and safe treatment. LUCID Q-PTP has various range of treatments such as pigment treatment, tattoo removal, toning, soft peeling and etc. In addition to that, Quasi long(300μs) mode can provide skin rejuvenation effect by the genesis technique.