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Buy Aesthetic Lasers

Purchasing a cosmetic laser couldn't be easier, we make the process affordable and simple for all types of businesses and credit types.

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Rent Aesthetic Lasers

Providing the most affordable cosmetic laser rental program in the industry with a wide variety of terms and options for…

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Sell Your Aesthetic Lasers

We purchase all types of medical equipment, sell us your medical equipment and receive cash offers or trade-in value.

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Certified Laser Training

We offer laser training and hands on on-site certified laser training for a wide variety of treatment methods. Training options may include onsite hands on laser training at your business location.

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Save Money On Aesthetic Lasers or Medical Equipment. Its Easy.

1. Select Your Equipment

Learn about new treatments you're interested in adding to your clinic. Select the aesthetic laser that performs the desired treatment you wish to add.

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2. Complete A Short Application

Fill out a short application for leasing or renting aesthetic lasers or medical equipment. Our finance team will review your application and qualify you for a monthly payment plan.

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3. Choose A Payment Plan

Our finance team will communicate your monthly payment options once your 1-page application is reviewed. Once complete, you can select a desired monthly payment plan or decide to pay in cash.

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4. Schedule Delivery and Training

Once a payment option has been arranged, its time to schedule delivery, installation and training. Its that easy! Contact us today.

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Why Our Products

Premium Products

Premium Products

MedLaser USA delivers advanced technology for both new and used aesthetic lasers. All of our aesthetic systems sold are FDA approved, and indicated for specific treatments. If you’re looking for any type of factory new aesthetic laser equipment, any type of used cosmetic laser systems, or any other type of common used medical equipment we have you covered.

Affordable Prices

Affordable Prices

We offer the most affordable aesthetic laser pricing on new or used aesthetic lasers and used medical equipment. MedLaser USA is your direct source for cosmetic lasers, affordable factory new aesthetic lasers and cellulite reduction systems. Our wide range of aesthetic laser equipment options have been designed to deliver value and outcomes for your patient needs.

Superior Service

Superior Service

MedLaser USA does it all, we rent aesthetic lasers, buy aesthetic lasers, sell new & used aesthetic lasers, and offer a wide range of financings options for all types of medical equipment. We deliver luxury support & service through the life of your new equipment. We listen to our customers and do our best to address your concerns without delay!


Start Your Own Medical Spa Business

Develop a successful medical spa with MedLaser USA with the latest aesthetic laser technology. We can help you avoid the common mistakes to successfully buy, rent, lease, or finance any medical laser equipment.

Sell Your Aesthetic Lasers & Medical Equipment

Sell your used or pre-owned aesthetic lasers to MedLaser USA. We provide cash offers for any used or pre-owned lasers, earn more for your cosmetic laser. Contact us today for maximum value.

Schedule On-Site Certified Laser Training

Receive certified hours for hands-on or online certified laser training for aestheticians and new professionals. Schedule on-site laser training with the purchase of your next cosmetic medical laser system.

Schedule A Medical Laser Demo

We provide live or virtual medical laser demos. Schedule a viewing today and learn more about aesthetic lasers or new cosmetic laser treatments you wish to add.

Affordable Tattoo Removal Laser Equipment

The MedLase Q2 is an affordable laser tattoo removal machine designed to remove tattoos, pigmentation, vascular lesions and to provide patients with rejuvenated skin. Buy the latest Dual Mode 1064nm Nd:YAG Q switched tattoo removal laser equipment.

MedPulse IPL Intense Pulse Light Laser Machine

Our MedPulse IPL Intense Pulse Light Machine delivers the latest advancements in laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation, photo-facials and vascular lesions. Shop for an IPL Laser Machine and save 50% - 80% off.

Effective & Affordable Laser Hair Removal Machine

Buy a cosmetic laser hair removal machine that is safe on all skin types. The Diode Ice laser is the best aesthetic laser hair removal system for your medical spa. Deliver your client the latest technology and lasting results with the Diode Ice laser hair removal machine.

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