2019 Forecast for Cosmetic Laser Treatments

The market for new and used cosmetic laser equipment for sale is set to continue on its phenomenal growth path in 2019. There are several reasons behind the growth which has seen established spas and practitioners moving to offer the latest in cosmetic treatments and the number of new-entrants shooting through the roof. MedLaserUSA is your trusted partner if you are looking to get the latest cosmetic laser equipment and claim your share of the market. In this blog, we interrogate the reasons behind the growth in popularity of cosmetic laser treatments. Let’s dig in.

More awareness and acceptance of the treatments

Cosmetic laser treatments have come a long way since 1962 when they first made their appearance. Today, cosmetic laser treatments are available at most spas and the market has gotten over its initial fears of ‘lasers’, which was founded on a scarcity of information about the technology and an abundance of myths. The market has come around in terms of acknowledging the effectiveness, safety, and cost-effective nature of cosmetic laser treatments as opposed to traditional solutions.

Changing lifestyles

Changing lifestyles have also resulted in a surge in the demand for cosmetic laser treatments. People have more leisure time on their hands which is often spent in ways that necessitate laser treatments of one type or the other through conditions such as sun damage or scarring.

Increased disposable income

Increasing disposable income and the falling costs of laser treatments owing to advances in the technology has seen more people patronizing spas that provide the service. The other reason behind the surge in demand for cosmetic laser treatments is an increase in medical tourism buoyed by decreasing airfare and increased access to information around the globe.

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