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2019 Secrets to Growing Your Spa’s Laser Treatment Profits

The cosmetic treatments industry is growing significantly in terms of the number of players in the industry and its profitability. Cosmetic laser treatments are now very popular in the US and across the world owing to major advancements in the technology. Practitioners and spas can also buy new and used Zimmer Cryo 6 laser machine to enhance patient comfort while eliminating side-effects.  Unlike in the past when there was just a handful of spas and clinics, players in the industry today need to up their game to increase their profitability. There is a lot that you can do to achieve such an objective. In this blog, we look at some of 2019’s secrets to growing your spa’s laser treatments profits. 

Do everything by the book

To lay a firm ground for success, it is important to do everything by the book. This covers things like dealing with a reputable partner, making sure your cosmetic laser machine operator receives the necessary certification training and putting in place a solid preventative maintenance regime. 

A reputable partner

Finding an established dealer from whom you can buy all the necessary equipment is the first cornerstone when building your spa business. MedLaserUSA gives you access to the latest cosmetic laser technology at competitive prices. You can buy new and used cosmetic laser machines, rent, and even get financing at low rates. 

Hire a trained operator

When running a spa or clinic that offers cosmetic laser treatments, it is important to hire an operator with the necessary certification training. It is not just the law but also a very good idea. Apart from complying with the law, you make sure that customers receive safe and effective treatment sessions and advice, while the equipment is handled properly giving it longevity. This way, you also get a good return on your investment. MedLaserUSA offers certification training for all cosmetic laser technologies under a flexible arrangement that includes on-site training. 

Institute preventative maintenance

You can never really attain and maintain optimum profitability in the absence of basics like preventative maintenance. Proper preventative maintenance helps you make sure that your cosmetic laser equipment is working properly all the time by conducting routine maintenance and nipping any issues in the bud. You not only keep away downtimes and preserve your profitability but also escape expensive repairs. Upgrade expenses are also significantly reduced as you have to pay less as top-up when disposing of a well-maintained cosmetic laser machine to adopt the latest technology. MedLaserUSA offers repair and maintenance services for all popular makes and models of cosmetic lasers including cooling systems such as the Zimmer Cryo 6. 

Upgrade equipment

The importance of upgrading your cosmetic laser equipment as and when necessary can never be overemphasized. Always stay alert to the risk of obsolescence as you may be rendered irrelevant in the industry in a flash. This does not mean that you have to go for brand new cosmetic laser machines as you can get the latest technologies as used and restored machines that come with a warranty. 

Capture the growing male market segment

Another way to grow your profits in 2019 is to take steps to capture the growing male segment of the market. While the majority of customers seeking cosmetic laser treatments remains women, the number of men seeking a range of the same treatments is going through a steady rise. Learn more about the treatments that they seek, take steps to include them in your practice as well as marketing initiatives. 

MedLaserUSA can help!

MedLaserUSA is your trusted partner when it comes to giving you great deals on new and used cosmetic laser machines for sale and rent. You can buy used Zimmer Cryo 6 Laser Machine and a host of other trending solutions to get an edge over your competition. We also give you top-shelf certification training, repair and maintenance services, as well as financing on friendly terms. Call us today to learn how we can help you grow your profits at 888 284 2486 or email us on We are always ready to help with all your requirements pertaining to cosmetic laser machines, accessories, and support services.

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