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2020 Ultimate Guide Buying Cosmetic Lasers For Sale

2020 Ultimate Guide: Buying Cosmetic Lasers For Sale

You may be on the beginning stages of opening up a medical spa or already own a cosmetic business and now you’re looking at different cosmetic lasers for sale. It can be overwhelming at first and there are important details to know. This is the ultimate guide to buying cosmetic lasers for sale. You will learn everything there is to know about the process and you will be a more educated buyer.


Cosmetic Lasers For Sale – Buyers Check List

• Determine what treatments are most important to you
• Have a budget
• Determine if you’re paying in cash or applying for financing/leasing


Different Types of Cosmetic Lasers For Sale To Consider

Determining what treatments you want to provide is going to help narrow down what type of equipment is most appropriate. Some common types of treatments you may be seeking equipment for is laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, pigmentation, skin resurfacing, and pigmentation. Lasers can provide multi different types of treatments by using appropriate energy settings for the given treatment. Laser hair removal machines use 3 common types of lasers which are diode, alexandrite, and Nd:Yag. Laser hair removal systems require a long pulse laser which also means a longer resting time on skin. Laser hair removal lasers use different technology than tattoo removal lasers.

Tattoo removal lasers use Q Switch technology, which are shorter pulse durations or higher peak power and shorter resting time on skin. Because the technology is different most of the time you will need 2 separate devices when looking to add both laser hair removal and tattoo removal to your business.


Determine a Budget When Searching For Cosmetic Lasers For Sale

Just like cars, lasers have a low, medium, and high price category. For example, you can buy a rusted car that is 20 years old for $1,500 or you can buy a $300k Ferrari. Its important to recognize and determine a budget and stick to it. A start up medical spa should always look to spend less and focus on getting their business going. A key strategy is you can always spend more money but if you max out on equipment then you’re organizing a situation of risk and bankruptcy. MedLaser USA has affordable cosmetic lasers for sale that are appropriate for all budgets and every type of treatment possible. Once you have determined what treatments are most important to you and the type of equipment you want, the next step is determining if you’re going to apply for financing or pay for equipment by cash or check. Businesses that are cash heavy should always maintain a cushion for marketing, unexpected slow months, and laser maintenance costs. This is why most businesses will choose the leasing or financing route.


Determining If Financing Or Cash is Better When Buying Cosmetic Lasers

Its important to consult your accountant before making any purchases to help determine what is best for you. 99% of businesses will go the financing or leasing route. Financing or leasing allows for a easy way for businesses to obtain equipment with little money down. If you’re looking for cosmetic laser financing it is important to determine a monthly payment budget as this will also help determine what equipment is most appropriate.

MedLaser USA offers a wide range of cosmetic lasers for sale which include new cosmetic lasers and used cosmetic lasers. If you’re looking to add new services to your business or looking for a cosmetic laser for sale, contact MedLaser USA at 888-284-2486 or email us at

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