Medical Laser Treatments for Men

6 Popular Medical Laser Treatments for Men

While women still account for approximately 80 percent of people that seek cosmetic laser treatments, the number of men is also on the increase. In fact, medical laser treatments have never been taboo with either sex. However, there is no denying that the subject of aesthetic laser treatments suffers a bit of a perception issue when it comes to the male segment.  The mistake that some Medspas that buy new and used cosmetic lasers make is to go after the 80% segment while ignoring the growing male segment. Medspas and clinics can leverage this market by buying used medical lasers that enable them to provide popular treatments. To help, here is a look at 6 popular medical laser treatments for men. 

1. Laser hair removal/Regrowth

Laser hair removal is very popular among men as they also have issues such as having hair in unwanted areas and lack of it in the desired areas. The attraction for aesthetic laser hair removal is mostly in the painless nature and short sessions, and fast results. Men who are losing hair on their head are also getting great results from hair regrowth technology. Also going through a surge is beard grooming thanks to cosmetic laser machines such as the Soprano ICE Platinum. 

2. Tattoo removal

Another popular cosmetic laser treatment among men is tattoo removal. Whether it’s tattoo regret or pursuing a new course in life, men have never shied away from cosmetic laser tattoo removal. Most men that are heavily tattooed opt to get them removed gradually over a long period of time. Again the lure is painless, fast, and effective treatments which have been helped by the rapid advance in the technology. 

3. Body contouring

It may come as a surprise but body contouring treatments are gaining popularity among men to reduce fat and reveal muscle. The lure of the treatments is that no surgery is involved as the whole procedure is non-invasive. You can also expect little recovery time and superb results from body contouring treatments using solutions such as the Accento Prime. 

4. Wrinkles/Twinkles

Cosmetic laser wrinkle treatments are not only popular with people that are in the public eye but most men who want to remain looking young. Whether it is skin rejuvenation or facelifts, they are both better alternatives to plastic due to a number of reasons including excellent results and little recovery time. Make a point to reach out to the male segment of the market and you can easily get the best technology for wrinkle treatments when you buy used laser equipment for sale.

5. Scar & Pigmentation removal

Many men battle with acne scars from which is why aesthetic laser acne removal treatments enjoy significant traction among the market segment. It takes some great marketing to reach countless who have no idea that medical lasers provide an easy, fast, and effective way to get rid of the blemishes from their youth. Men are also increasingly seeking pigmentation treatments and skin resurfacing. 

6. Rosacea reduction

Rosacea reduction is very popular among men as they have a greater density of facial blood vessels compared to women. They also require more treatments and higher energy settings than women. This is a treatment that is definitely destined to be welcome by more men in the future. 



Good market research will point you in the right direction when it comes to which treatments to offer to the male segment of your market. All efforts have to be backed by superb marketing that highlights the treatments and benefits. Some men still confuse Medspas for beauty salons which is why you really need to reach out. Rent your equipment or buy used cosmetic lasers to access the best technologies while significantly bringing down the cost of ownership. MedLaserUSA is a one-stop-shop for everything aesthetic lasers. We offer new and used aesthetic laser machines for sale as well as rent, financing, certification training, as well as top-shelf repair and maintenance services. Call us today at 888 284 2486 to discuss your requirement and get answers to your questions. You can also email us at

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