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A Closer Look at IPL Laser Systems for Skin Treatment

Most clinics turn to IPL laser machines for sale or rent when starting out in the industry. There are many reasons why this pioneering cosmetic treatment technology still holds out its own today, even after the development of various cosmetic laser systems some of which deliver multiple wavelengths. For starters, IPL laser systems for sale are very affordable and they are extremely versatile as to provide hair removal treatments, vascular services, pigmentation treatments, as well as skin rejuvenation. MedLaserUSA offers amazing deals on a range of IPL laser machines for sale to meet the needs of clinics in the US and across the world. In this blog, we take a closer look at IPL laser systems for skin treatment. 

IPL Vs Laser systems

There is a raging debate between proponents of IPL systems and thus of Laser systems. Whatever the arguments, the benefits of IPL discussed above far outweigh those rendered by Laser machines through speed when it comes to newly established clinics. The differences and similarities of the two technologies can be categorized as follows:


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Vs Cosmetic Laser Machines
IPL Difference Similarities Laser Difference
Produces Broad Spectrum wavelength that is absorbed by chromophores Can deliver different wavelengths Uses a single wavelength for selective targeting of chromophores
Light, with the exception of red, is absorbed by the skin resulting in skin rejuvenation/td> Enjoy multiple applications enabling it to treat a variety of skin conditions Prudes high peak energy making it suitable for treatments that need a fast shock as opposed to slower warmth
Suitable for lighter skin types Targets melanin in the hair follicle Also suitable for darker skin types
Provides long-term results


Laser machines produce different wavelengths which is why they always have a specific wavelength attached to their names. IPL systems, on the other hand, produce a variety of wavelengths and employ filters to block certain wavelengths only permitting specific forms to pass. Patients absorb far less energy when getting treated using IPL systems when compared to laser systems as the former only uses a small percentage of the waveform. The result is the delivery of a greater variety of wavelengths rendering side benefits such as skin rejuvenation during hair removal treatments. The extra energy only works negatively when it comes to treating complex pigment issues, port wine stain, or complex vascular issues as the extra energy can result in burns. 

Laser systems employ collimated light as opposed to IPL systems that use scattered light. This makes laser machines faster for hair removal and more effective for issues that reside deep within the skin such as leg veins and other pigmentation issues. IPL systems are best for issues that reside closer to the surface of the skin such as rosacea, solar lentigo, and acne as the scattered light ensures that no spot is missed. 

Nowadays you can easily get new and pre-owned cosmetic laser for sale that boasts multiple wavelengths including IPL with Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT™) such as the Lumenis M22. The system also gives clinics Multi-Spot Nd: YAG, ResurFX, and Q-Switched Nd: YAG allowing for the treatment of various conditions and all skin types. You can also choose from a range of other new and pre-owned IPL laser machines for sale according to your need and budget. 

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