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All You Need to Know About The N95 Face Mask

Surgical face masks are part of the PPE that are recommended in the fight against Coronavirus. They work by protecting the wearer from air-born particles and liquid that may contaminate the face. in light of the high demand for PPE by medical professionals that are at the front line in the fight against the pandemic, the Centers For Diseases and Prevention (CDC) recommend that the general public use other types of masks and leave n95 face mask and respirators for medical professionals. This has not stopped a lot of people from looking for the n95 face mask, buying them, and using them to stay safe. before the outbreak of COVID 19 very few people knew about n95 face masks. While most people now know about the existence of medical face masks and respirators, the information they have is very little that is why we ha decided to take a closer look at the face masks with a view to sharing all you need to know about them.

Meaning of ‘N95’

The National Institutes For Occupational Safety and Health regulates n95 face masks they are, essentially, filtering facepiece respirators. Here is a look at what the design of n95 face masks available for sale in tells


N: The letter N is a Respirator Rating Letter Class which implies “Non -Oil” this means that the mask can only be used in an environment in which there are no oil-based particulates. Other available Respirator Rating Letter Classes include P, which is oil proof, and R, which is resistant to Oil for up to 8 hours.


95: The 95 in the face masks name refers to its percentage efficiency and the same applies for masks with a different number. They are designed for close facial fit and give very efficient air-born particle filtration. An N95 face mask will keep out 95 percent of very small (0.3 microns) air-borne particles.  The risk of illness or death is not completely eliminated although you can find masks whose labeling indicate 100 percent efficiency which in practice is actually 99.7 percent

Material and Features

N95 masks that are available for sale are made with electrostatic, non-woven, polyproline fiber filtration material. Some also feature an exhalation valve designed to overcome any exultation resistance making it easy for the wearer to breathe. The masks’ edges are designed to act as a seal around the mouth and nose. Masks are evaluated, tested, and approved by NIOSH according to requirements in 42 CFR part 84. The mask is supposed to be discarded immediately after every encounter with a patient, aerosol-generating procedures, and when it gets damaged, visibly dirty contaminated or stops forming an effective seal around the nose and mouth.

Last Word

It is important to follow advice from the World Health Organization (WHO), the government, and medical professionals when it comes to protecting yourself and your loved ones against COVID 19. Personal protection equipment such as face and respirator masks goes a long way in helping do just that. MedLeserUSA gives you easy access to n95 masks for sale online. You can also get other medical masks for sale including respirators, three-ply child protective masks, and disposable three-ply medical masks for adults. Check out available options and order today. To discuss your requirements and get all your questions answered, call  +1 888 284 2486. You can also email us at  or fill out our Contact Form.

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