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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Tattoo Removal

They say the first impression is the last impression and the saying is true for every visit by a person seeking tattoo removal services. Anyone can buy aesthetic lasers but knowledge and skill is what sets you apart as a professional using tattoo removal lasers. Every visit gives you a chance to showcase your knowledge and expertise, also build trust. One effective way to showcase your expertise is to be in a position to provide informative answers to common questions that usually arrive during consultations. To help, we cover answers to some of the frequently asked questions about tattoo laser removal.


How much does tattoo laser removal cost?

While the need to stay profitable can never be discounted, it is important to have a clear and competitive pricing structure that allows you to give fast quotes to clients. You must be able to focus the client on the value offered by the services as opposed to the fee. The cost of laser tattoo removal will be anything around 10 times the cost of getting one.


Make sure your minimum fee is clearly shown on the website and clients are made aware that they will need multiple sessions.

Is laser tattoo removal painful?

Although there is some level of pain involved, it is always less than what patients expect. For many, the experience is almost the same to having a tattoo. The greatest consolation comes from seeing the tattoo gradually going away permanently. In any case, you can offer skin numbing to help reduce the discomfort.

How long does tattoo removal take?

Unfortunately for people looking to lose a tattoo before a special event, laser tattoo removal is not a once-off affair. It requires repeat sessions that are ideally spaced to allow the immune system to rid the ink and the skin to recover. Six weeks is the recommended spacing whereas eight weeks is standard for darker complexions.


Discuss such details with patients so that they have realistic expectations going into the treatment.

Does laser tattoo removal leave scarring?

Laser tattoo removal using the latest aesthetic lasers available for rent and sale at MedLaserUSA do the work perfectly without leaving any scars. This is especially so if proper aftercare is followed. However scars inflicted when getting the tattoo will remain.


Discuss the limitations relating to removal of pre-existing scars with clients so that they don’t feel cheated.

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