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Buy Cosmetic Lasers

It’s an exciting time if you’re looking to buy cosmetic lasers. This means you’re either looking at expanding your business with new treatment options, looking to buy a new cosmetic laser, or replacing a old used laser that no longer works. If you’re researching and learning how to open a medical spa it can also be a challenge to find what laser you’re looking for and what type of technology will help you accomplish the specific treatments you’re looking to offer.

Important Steps Before You Buy Cosmetic Lasers:

  1. Determine your cosmetic laser budget
  2. Decide if you would like to rent, buy, lease, or finance
  3. Research treatment options and determine what treatments you want to add
  4. Understanding what each laser wavelength technology does and what is most important to you accomplishing what treatments you wish to offer.
  5. Working with the best company who will provide you quality equipment, training, support, and onsite technical service like MedLaser USA.
  6. Buy a cosmetic laser


Buy Cosmetic Lasers Brand New With Warranties 60-80% Savings

Buy brand new cosmetic lasers, supported with warranties, clinical training, onsite service, and marketing materials at 60-80% savings compared to market competitors is the absolute best option if you’re looking to buy cosmetic lasers. Why buy a used laser when you can obtain a brand new laser for the same cost? If you have an old laser or piece of used medical equipment that you don’t use or want you can trade your item in to MedLaser USA for cash offers.

Benefits of Buying Used Cosmetic Lasers & Disadvantages Explained

Buying used cosmetic lasers offer significant cost savings when on a budget. Most importantly to determine or narrow down what is best is defining a budget. If you have a limited budget and looking at a used cosmetic laser then you could be looking at a laser up to 10 years old. All used lasers carry hidden fees such as recertification from the manufacturer of the used cosmetic laser, pay the recertification fee or receive zero support.


buy cosmetic lasers


For example, if you purchase a 2012 palomar or a 2014 gentle max (or any used laser) and you need a specific spare part or service from Candela or Cynosure (or any used laser) ect. then you will be required to pay a recertification fee or you will be unable to obtain service or the spare part which are hard to find. Recertification fees can be up to $30,000 in addition to the cost of buying your used cosmetic laser. Recertification fees are required by all laser manufacturers except MedLaser USA. MedLaser USA offers brand new premium cosmetic lasers 60-80% off that don’t carry hidden fees or recertification’s. Don’t buy a used laser when you can buy a brand new laser with a warranty from MedLaser USA for similar pricing.


Sell Your Used Cosmetic Laser or Used Medical Equipment For Cash Offers To MedLaser USA

To maximize the process of buying a cosmetic laser you can find significant cost savings when trading in your used medical equipment or used cosmetic lasers for cash offers or apply the value to your new cosmetic laser for a discount. There are important steps to obtaining maximum value for your used equipment. Contact MedLaser USA today to discuss the process of receiving a cash offer for your used medical equipment or use cosmetic laser or to buy cosmetic lasers.

If you’re looking to buy a cosmetic laser, MedLaser USA is your #1 source for massive savings, premium products, and top notch service for all your cosmetic laser needs.

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