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Causes and Treatment of Broken Blood Vessels in the Face

Medspas offer welcome and effective remedies to a lot of issues that work negatively on people’s appearances and confidence. One of the issues that cosmetic laser practitioners around the country are constantly helping people with is broken blood vessels in the face. Broken capillary veins are spidery, thin, ribbon-like lines populating the lower half of the face. While there are home remedies and temporary fixes like a concealer to cover the mouth, nose, and cheeks, professional laser skin treatments remain the best solution. MedLaserUSA helps spas and laser treatment practitioners in the US and beyond get access to all popular laser machines for sale and rent. They can also buy the Zimmer Cryo 6 laser machine to make treatments more comfortable and safer.  

What are broken blood vessels?

Blood vessels located under the skin of the face and take care of circulation can become permanently dilated leading to visible red marks. The dilation results from capillaries getting damaged or widening and narrowing suddenly. They have the appearance of small red dots with other areas branching out like a spider web. They are also called Telangiectasias and technically, the veins are not ‘broken’. 

What causes broken blood vessels?

There are many possible causes of broken capillaries on the face, which makes avoiding the condition quite a tall order.  Some of the common causes include:

  • UV Rays from sun exposure
  • Trauma (e.g pimple popping, windburn, getting struck)
  • Washing your face with hot water
  • Steamy shower
  • Towel drying the face vigorously
  • Rubbing your eyes
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Aggressive exfoliation
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Vomiting or sneezing
  • Environmental or chemical irritants
  • Weather changes
  • Rosacea
  • Pregnancy

Can you prevent broken veins in the face?

Although you may not completely prevent broken capillaries in the face, it is possible to minimize the risk of developing the condition. Taking steps to prevent the development of broken capillaries is especially important if you have a genetic disposition to the condition. The best way to keep broken blood vessels in the face away is by managing the risk factors discussed earlier such as always getting proper sun protection. Broken veins related to pregnancy will often go away naturally after delivery. Other ways to combat the development of broken blood vessels in the face include:

Don’t use hot water

When washing your face, always avoid using hot water as the excess heat causes broken capillaries. 

Stay away from validators

Avoid vasodilators such as alcohol, caffeine, and spicy food as they cause the filling of vessels with blood making broken veins more noticeable. 

Avoid extreme heat

Make a point to avoid extreme heat as it causes the dilation of blood vessels. Some of the common sources of extreme heat include saunas and spas.

Treatment of broken vessels on the face

People with broken blood vessels can benefit from laser therapy and IPL therapy. Both are highly effective and result in the complete fading of broken vessels.  Cosmetic laser technology has greatly advanced to provide safer and more effective treatments for a wide range of issues including broken vessels. Leading Medspas buy other equipment to ensure comfortable treatments that are free from undesirable side-effects. These include the Zimmer Cryo 6 laser machine which provides cooling around the treatment area. 


Broken blood vessels on the face can be a source of great discomfort and confidence issues. That is why many people today seek medical laser treatments to remedy the condition as they get results that are superior to creams and other home remedies. Barriers to entry in the cosmetic laser treatments industry are surprisingly low as you can easily get all the necessary equipment. MedLaserUSA is a leading provider of cosmetic laser machines for sale. We offer attractive deals on new and used medical laser machines for sale and rent. You can also buy Zimmer Cryo 6 laser machine and a host of other accessories that you need to remain competitive. Talk to us today to discuss your cosmetic laser machine requirements even financing and certification training by calling 888 284 2486 or email us at

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