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Common Cosmetic Laser Repairs You Must Know

There is no substitute for maintenance and repairs, if you wish to extend the life of your cosmetic laser equipment and get a healthy ROI on your investment. Whatever you do, it remains important to find cosmetic laser repair services that help you maintain OEM specifications. At MedLaserUSA, we adhere to standard cosmetic laser equipment repairs and have a team of seasoned technicians that are at home with all makes and models. Here is a look at some of the benefits of timely maintenance and repair of your aesthetic laser machines and some of the common issues.

Benefits of Timely and Professional Maintenance and Repairs

As mentioned before, timely maintenance and repair of your medical laser machines lends longevity and ensures that you get a return on your investment. Other benefits include:

  • Fulfilling insurance requirements
  • Ensuring that the equipment works properly and produces the desired results
  • Ability to sell it and reduce the cost of upgrading
  • Keeping your reputation intact

Common Cosmetic Laser Repairs

Although the nature of repairs is vastly influenced the type, age, and usage of the cosmetic laser machine, there are some type of repairs that feature prominently among different users.

LCD and Touchscreen

If the LCD is cracked, the only solution is to get it replaced. However, in the event of errors or dimming, our technicians will run some diagnostics to identify the root of the problem, before fixing it.

Broken or Problematic Handpieces

A broken handpiece introduces the risk of not getting the desired results. Damage to most handpieces is usually a result of impact from getting dropped. Significant impact can cause some components to move out of place or get damaged. Issues may also arise from some of the components having outlived their useful life, such as exceeding shot counts or the expiry of lamps, among other issues. Always get your handpiece checked if it suffers significant impact or starts producing unsatisfactory results.

Airflow Issues

Failure to perform routine maintenance procedures such as cleaning the filters and vents can result in your equipment experiencing internal damage.

Water Flow Issues

Lack of proper maintenance can also result in water flow problems which lead to scaling and buildup. Part of the maintenance involves cleaning of the water tanks.

We can Help!

MedLaserUSA team of technicians is well placed to give you the best cosmetic laser maintenance and repair services. You can arrange scheduled maintenance at an affordable fee to keep problems at bay, preserve the value of your equipment, while continuing to provide a reliable service. Call us today at 888 284 2486 or mail us at

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