Covid 19 Tips: A Look At Food And Nutrition

The COVID 19 outbreak has resulted in the closure of many businesses and the practice of self-quarantine. The development has seen many people’s dietary habits taking a hit. Good nutrition remains important especially given the fact that your immune system has to be at its best shape to stand a chance against COVID 19.  MedLaserUSA is playing its part in the fight against the pandemic by offering great quality surgical mask for sale at affordable prices. Here are some food and nutrition tips that you could use to get through the self-isolation period.

Go for fresh products

If you are in a position to get vegetable fruits and other fresh products as well as low-fat dairy products, try and avoid non-perishables. Prefer fresh ingredients and use those that have the shortest life shelf first. Freezing your fruits and vegetables is another great way to use them over extended periods. Prefer home-cooked meals while you can always take advantage of food delivery services that may still be operational. The extended-stay indoors presents a great opportunity to try different delicious recipes. You could make recipes that you could hardly find time to make in the past or search online for countless recipes with which you can experiment and enjoy.

Avoid alcohol

There has been a lot of discussions in the past about the harmful effects of alcohol consumption, but what comes into focus during this global pandemic is its impact on the immune system. The consumption of alcohol , especially heavy consumption, weakens the immune system which effectively undermines your body’s ability to deal with infectious diseases. That is why you must do all you can from consuming alcohol until the outbreak is maintained.

Limit your salt and sugar intake

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), people must consume less than five grams of salt a day and free sugars intake that constitutes less than five percent of an adult’s total energy intake. Some of the ways you can achieve this include:

  • Preferring foods with little or no added salt
  • Rinsing canned foods such as vegetable to get rid of excess sodium
  • Avoid adding extra salt in the pot and plate
  • Prefer fresh fruit over sugary foods
  • Consume small portions of low-sugar desert
  • Watch the levels of fat, sugar, and honey that are added to foods

Always practice safe food handling

Food can never be considered to be healthy if it is not safe. That is why it is important to always follow safe food handling practices. Adare to good food hygiene practices when preparing food for yourself and others. This includes separating raw and cooked food, cooking food thoroughly, using safe water, keeping food at safe temperatures, and making sure that your hands, kitchen, and utensils are always clean.

Protect yourself when you go out

Whenever you go out to buy supplies for your kitchen make sure that you are buying from a trusted source in as far as the prevention of  COVID 19 is concerned. Make sure that you put on gloves and a medical face mask from the moment you leave your home until you return. Sanitize all the products that you get in the best way possible. You can order a medical-surgical mask online from MedLaserUSA. You get the guarantee of great quality and affordability. Order today or call +18882842486  to discuss your requirements.

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