How To Wear A Medical Mask

COVID-19 Tips: How to Wear a Face Mask

As further evidence continues to shed light on the full complexity of COVID-19, it has become increasingly important, and more so now than ever before, to understand the severity of viral transmission and what we can do ourselves to follow some of the best practices, and most necessary steps necessary when wearing face mask protection. How to wear a face mask includes the complete “donning and doffing”, or in other woods, how to “put on” or “take off” your protective face mask equipment.

Wearing a protective face mask has been determined critical component to one protecting themselves, and them to others, by means of proper face, nose and mouth mask protection covering to reduce or limit the spread of COVID-19 transmission or exposure. It should also be highly noted that is equally important to follow all protective measures, also including but not limited to, the proper act of social distancing, following the best practices when washing of hands and hygiene, and also maintaining a clean and sanitary physical environment.

What is a medical face mask

A medical face mask is a disposable, loose-fitting mask that has got a rectangular design. It features elastic bands that also help to secure it in place by looping behind the wearer’s ears. There are several type of materials and designs when it comes to medical face masks intended to;

  • Repeal water and other body fluids
  • Filter certain pathogens
  • Absorb moisture and sweat from exhaled air, coughing, and sneezing.


The protection rendered by a medical face mask work in the two-way street by protecting the wearer and others around them.

How to wear a medical face mask

As mentioned before, it is important to know how to put on a face mask correctly so as to protect yourself and others around you. Here are some of the steps you can follow;

  1. You first need to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 minutes or rub your hand together with a hand sanitizer that has an alcohol base.
  2. Inspect the mask to identify any tears or broken loops.
  3. Place the mask above your mouth and nose with the colored side facing outwards.
  4. If the design of the mask features a metallic strip, make sure it is positioned against the nose bridge.
  5. Depending on the design of the mask;
  • Hold the mask by its ear loops and secure them over your ears one at a time.
  • If it has a dual elastic band instead of loops, position the top band against the crown of your head by pulling it over your head. Next, pull the bottom band over your head and secure it against the nape of your neck
  • For a medical face mask that features ties, hold it by the upper strings and tie them close to the crown of your head. Do the same thing for the bottom strings which have to be secured near the neck of your nape
  1. Pinch and press down on the bendable metallic upper strip with your fingers to mold it to the shape of your nose
  2. Secure the mask over your mouth and chin by pulling it at the bottom


Whenever you put on a medical face mask, always make sure that you have snag fit. you should also remember to avoid touching it once you have secured it in place. Replace it immediately if it gets soiled or damp.

Last word

There are still other precautions that you have to take when taking off medical face masks. These include not touching the mask itself but rather holding by the loops or bands as it may be infected. It is also important to always dispose of all used masks responsibly by placing them in a covered trash bin. MedLaserUSA is working hard in the fight against COVID 19 by offering cost-effective high-quality medical face masks for sale. You can order the best face mask online and get them to deliver to your doorstep. Order medical face masks online today for you and your loved ones to protect yourselves against the global pandemic. For more information and to get answers to all your questions, call +1-888-284-2486.

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