Debunking Common Myths Associated with Medical Laser Treatments

Medical laser machines enable dermatologists and other practitioners to provide effective and painless treatments for a range of cosmetic issues. You can find DIY and professional medical laser machines for sale online, whether you want to buy brand new or used. Although a lot of people are taking advantage of this technology that has gone through rapid improvements, there are still some myths and half-truths doing the rounds in the public domain. Such myths make people arrive at wrong conclusions and miss the opportunity to benefit from a range of revolutionary treatments. In this blog, we take a look at some of the notable myths with a view to debunking them.

Myth: Lasers cause cancers

Fact: Not only is this a myth but the opposite is true. Lasers are actually used to get rid of cancers such as that of the skin. The wavelengths that are employed by medical lasers are also not in the range that is known to trigger cancers.

Myth: Laser treatments can cause burns

Fact: While undesirable side effects can results if the wrong equipment or an inexperience hand become part of the mix, laser technology is specifically designed to avoid such side-effects. This is because it uses selective photo-thermolysis, which entails specific targeting of vessels to the exclusion of the underlying skin.

Myth: Lasers expose you to radiation

Fact: Medical laser machines do not expose you to radiation as they don’t emit ionizing radiation but light. Even the sun is more hazardous than medical lasers when it comes to emitting cancer causing radiation.

Myth: Lasers are generally bad for your health

Fact: Lasers have no effect on your overall health as they don’t interact with internal organs. This is because they only penetrate up to 4mm into the skin.

Myth: Laser treatments are not effective

Fact: Laser treatments work wonders for a variety of issues such as ageing, tattoo removal, hair removal, and scar removal. Even a lot of creams and medications on the market can not produce effective and enduring results such as is the norm with medical laser treatments.

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