does laser hair removal work


Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

There are several ways hair can be removed either by waxing, tweezing, shaving, electrolysis, or lastly laser hair removal. If you’re looking for a permanent solution to remove unwanted hair or you may be thinking about adding a laser hair removal device to your spa or clinic laser hair removal is the best solution. A very common question is does laser hair removal work? Yes, it does!


How does laser hair removal work?


The process works by causing a control thermal damage to the hair follicle. The laser beam is scientifically attracted to melanin in the hair. There needs to be melanin present for laser hair removal to work. If someone has blonde hair or clear fine hairs then laser hair removal will not be effective. Someone who is fair skinned and has dark hair is the best candidate for laser hair removal. Depending on the type of laser will determine how many passes during each laser session is required. Some lasers require multiple passes and a gel applied to the skin or no gel and single pass of treatment area.


Will laser hair removal be permanent?


The clinical definition for laser hair removal is laser hair reduction. Some individuals will see permanent hair removal to treatment area while most will see a reduction in hair. Most will also see hairs become finer, less hair in treatment area, and/or regrow as a clear hair. It is important to keep doing laser hair removal treatments for the process to be effective. Hair grows in 3 phases; during the growing phase is when the laser is effective. As are destroyed new hairs will grow and it’s important to continue to target the new hairs for destruction.

How often will I need laser hair removal treatments?


One can expect to have laser hair removal treatments ever 8-9 weeks. Hairs that were targeted from the last laser session will fall out and new hairs will grow. It is important to target new hair growth in its growing phase for effective laser hair removal treatments. Most individuals will need between 6-8 laser hair removal treatments spaced out between 8-9 weeks apart to see good results. Typically, you can see between an estimated 10-15% reduction in hair each session. Hairs will grow back slower and finer. Always shave the area prior to laser hair removal treatment and never wax the area.


If I have skin type 6 can I get laser hair removal?


Depending on what laser is used then yes, all skin types can receive laser hair removal. Most common wavelengths for dark skin laser hair removal is either a long pulsed Nd:Yag laser or a diode laser. Its important that the laser operator is well trained to determine the best settings for treatment otherwise you can risk adverse reactions to laser.


When can I expect to see results?


Results can be seen within the first few treatments. Hair growth will slow and hairs will grow back finer. 10-15% reduction in hair can be seen with each treatment and its important to continue to do treatments. If treatments are not continued and only 1 or 2 sessions are completed then hair will return. If 8 sessions are completed then one may only need touch up treatments every 6 months.


What is the best laser for laser hair removal?


MedLaser USA can help determine what is the best laser for hair removal for your clinic. We provide premium aesthetic lasers for a wide variety of treatments including laser hair removal. The best laser for hair removal is dependent on how well the laser operator is trained, your skin type, and the laser wavelength. The best laser wavelengths for hair removal are either 755 nm alexandrite laser, 808 nm diode laser, or 1064 nm Nd:Yag. The laser needs to be a long pulsed laser.

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