Focus on The Cynosure Laser Machines for Hair Removal Treatments

Cynosure is a leading manufacturer of cosmetic laser machines for a whole range of issues including body contouring, dental work, skin revitalization, vein treatments, women’s health, hair removal, tattoo removal, cellulite treatments, hyperhydrosis, surgical treatments, and even veterinary applications. When it comes to laser hair removal treatments, the choices include the Apogee+™, Elite+™, Icon™, Vectus® Laser. Many spas and clinics across the US and the world count on Cynosure laser machines for their business due to their strong reputation. In this piece, we take a closer look at Cynosure lasers for hair removal available for sale at MedLaserUSA.

How Does It Work?

Cynosure laser machines for hair removal are robust workhorses that rely on the same basic concept towards hair removal. The technology targets and destroys hair growth cells. It gives smooth skin that is free from hair without damaging surrounding areas. The hair removal results also last considerably when compared to other laser machines.

Physicians can treat areas such as the legs, face, chest, back, bikini, and underarms. Most people looking for cosmetic laser hair removal treatments love Cynosure laser machines as they allow for painless and fast sessions. They are also great for patients and business as treatments sessions only last 5-60 minutes according to the target area. The desired results can be attained in 3-6 treatments.

What Are The Options?

Spas and Physicians can choose from 4 types of Cynosure Laser for sale when it comes to hair removal. Let’s take a closer look at these options:


The Apogee+™ is an Alexandrite 755 nm laser which is loved by physicians and patients for its high absorption of melanin. It provides physicians with up to 20J/cm2 for 18 mm spot size, leading to enduring results for hair loss with up to 79 percent reduction in just 3 sessions. The machine is a product of Apogee Aesthetic Workstation technology. It gives physicians increased fluence for large target areas allowing for more penetration, quick sessions, and the best results. The Apogee+™ is real value for money as it is free from the risk of obsolescence. The machine can be upgraded into an Elite+™ (Nd: YAG 1064 nm) Aesthetic Workstation, effectively growing with your practice.  


Elite+™   Aesthetic Workstation boasts 2 wavelengths, the Nd: YAG 755 nm and 1064 nm, which makes it uniquely suitable for treating all skin colors and tones. It also has a lot of safety features that eliminate the possibility of adverse side-effects or accidents. This is enhanced by an air cooling feature that makes patients remain comfortable throughout treatments. Physicians can also offer other treatments such as vascular and pigment treatments, as well as wrinkle reduction. The Elite+™ offers pulse durations of up to 300ms and physicians can easily switch between the 2 wavelengths.


The Icon™ is a sure workhorse that can provide a range of popular IPL and cosmetic laser treatments, including Skintel™, the sole melanin reader in the industry. It is a platform system with seven handpieces that allows spas and practitioners to offer a range of treatments such as wrinkle, scar, vessels, pigmentation, stretch marks, and hair removal.  

Vectus® Laser

The Vectus® Laser is a laser hair removal solution that gives spas and practitioners high customer turnover. It is a must-have for every practice due to the high demand enjoyed by cosmetic laser hair removal services. It not only covers large spot sizes but also caters to a range of hair and skin types ensuring that you can cover a large customer demographic.  It features advanced contact cooling and increased fluence and optimized results due to Photo Recycling™. Physicians can also get accurate settings owing to Skintel® Melanin Reader™.    

Best Way To Buy

MedLaserUSA offers great deals on Cynosure laser machines for sale and rent. You can get new and used machines and even access our finance facility to escape high cost of ownership. You can also get maintenance and repair services complete with genuine parts. Our team of experts is always ready to help you with your requirement and customize the best deal for your unique need. Talk to us today by calling at 888 284 2486 or email on   

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