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How Safe are Cosmetic Laser Treatments?



Safety is an important consideration when it comes to medical procedures, especially where a new technology is concerned. Despite medical laser treatments having been around for decades, the technology has recently come of age, with the ushering in of more advanced laser machines. That is why there is still a depth of knowledge regarding cosmetic laser treatments for the skin among a sizable section of society. To help you get a better appreciation of this technological advancement in the treatment of skin conditions, removal/fading of tattoos, etc., we answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding safety.

How many types of laser are there?

Laser technology comes in many different types or wavelengths. Each laser wavelength should be considered a individual tool that performs a specific treatment. Some lasers can do multiple different treatments but some are more effective and useful for specific treatments. The effective in terms of the treatment they provide can be defined by how much water, oxyhemoglobin, and melanin each laser wavelength absorbs. What you get as a patient depends on the medical professional performing the procedure and the specific treatment sought.

What are the risks involved?

Advancements in the development of aesthetic laser equipment has eliminated all the major risks that existed in its infancy. However, it is important that the procedure is performed by a certified professional who knows their way around specific treatments. Some of the risks that still rear their ugly heads on rare occasions include infection and abnormal healing.

Can the laser cause burns?

In rare instances, medical laser treatment can cause burns. This can occur with the eyelids, which in rare instances, experience a condition called ectropian. The eyelids turn outwards after laser skin treatments around the eyes. However, this changing in shape of the eyelids can easily be corrected by way of surgery. As long as the laser operator is well trained and supervised by a licensed professional then adverse risk are dramatically minimized. 

Does cosmetic laser treatment cause scarring?

Laser treatments for the skin do not cause scarring if the laser is properly operated. If anything the treatments can help get rid of scarring or at least reduce its intensity. In rare cases and for people who are naturally prone to scarring, some temporary scars may show up following treatment. Chances of this happening are drastically reduced if you consult the surgeon first to discuss your some relevant aspects of your medical history and concerns.

Consult first

Most of the largely rare side-effects associated with medical laser treatments can be eliminated if you consult a certified surgeon or a well trained professional is operating the laser. Smokers, people with acne, sores and other skin disorders are especially prone to such rare side-effects or the worsening of the underlying condition. Cosmetic laser treatments continue to help millions of people across the world beat skin conditions that dulls their appearance and confidence. Its important to consult a physician prior to any ablative laser treatments to determine possible underlying medical issues which may impact healing process. 

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