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How To Hire and Manage Laser Aesthetician Turn Over



How To Appropriately Hire Laser Aestheticians and Manage Turn Over

Owning and operating a medical spa can be extremely rewarding with large financial upside but there are many aspects of owning a medical that can be frustrating. All medical spas that provide laser services are either looking for training or to hire quality individuals who are trained on lasers. Additionally, if you already own a medical spa you may have experienced turn over.

The goal is to always have a quality laser operator who is well trained, understands the science of lasers, how lasers interact with the skin, skin types, and how to appropriately adjust settings to safely operate the specific lasers you have. It can be a lot to balance and having the right laser operator is extremely valuable. Having the wrong person operate your lasers can put you as the business owner into high risk of hurting your clients by not having the proper settings selected or even worse damaging your expensive lasers.

Turn over causes challenges within the flow of your business. Customers are comfortable with who they are currently receiving their laser training from and your current laser operator is trained on the specific lasers you have.


If I have Turn Over How Do I Quickly Find A Quality Replacement Laser Operator?

Turn over sometimes is not something you can avoid but you can plan for it. Not having your trained laser operator on staff can be stressful but be calm there are many quality trained laser operators you can hire. You should start by looking at some of the different cost effective resources available for hiring such as indeed, zip recruiter, and linkedin. Utilizing these 3 resources are going to guarantee your job posting is visible by the public for your geographical area without being outlandishly expensive. Ensure you have a quality written job posting describing exactly what you’re looking for.


Planning For Laser Operator Turn Over Tips:

Your new laser operator might not be familiar with your current laser technology but there are steps you can take to plan for an easy transition.

  • Elect a senior staff member or someone to be a champion or lead the training of new laser operators.
  • Study the manual and always have that available.
  • Record a video of the initial training or create your own basic laser training video for new hires.
  • Hire quality well trained laser operators who have the scientific foundation of laser science and safety to operate your lasers.


Choosing the Best Aesthetic Lasers for Your Medical Spa

In addition to hiring the best laser operator for you business and managing turn over, having the most appropriate cosmetic laser equipment for your business is important. Choosing the correct wavelength based on your client skin type population and your desired treatments is extremely important. MedLaser USA can help you uncover all of your needs and help determine what laser technology will help you achieve your desired treatment offerings. MedLaser USA has premium laser technology at affordable prices, call to speak to one of our specialists for more information.

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