How to Keep Your Cosmetic Laser Machines Running Optimally for Long

Cosmetic laser equipment repairs can set you back significantly in terms of your finances, especially if they are required frequently. Apart from the cash, you have to fork out to pay for repairs and spares, the downtimes eat away at your profitability and goodwill. Using equipment that doesn’t go through timely medical laser repairs and maintenance exposes patients and physicians to the harmful effects of radiation and can also reduce the effectiveness of the treatments altogether. You need to make sure that all your cosmetic laser equipment is in tip-top condition all the time. Here are some tips on how to keep your cosmetic laser machines running optimally.

Implement Preventative Maintenance

Operating in the absence of preventative maintenance is a recipe for disaster and can also void your warranty. Preventative maintenance keeps your medical laser equipment operating safely an optimally while also extending their life. You must schedule regular maintenance with a reputable dealer such as MedLaserUSA to take care of things such as changing the filters, the water reticulation system, and other components that require such action after a specific usage.

Make Sure that the Warranty is Worth it

Warranties are not made equal. It is important to make an assessment of the warranty on offer to decide whether or not it will truly cover emergencies. One time repairs can cost as much as $3.000 and a good warranty must be able to cover at last 2 such episodes.  Warranty whose yearly cost exceeds the estimated costs of 2 yearly repairs is not worth it. When buying used medical lasers for sale, also put the warranty, however limited, to the test.

Run Periodic Checks

Apart from preventative maintenance, it is also important to run periodic checks so as to spot and deal with potential issues in their infancy. Such a culture of performing daily and periodic checks helps avoid accidents, downtimes, and costly repairs. A checklist must be prepared to help the operator check the vitals of the equipment every day before opening the shop.

Encourage Operators to Immediately Report All Issues

You must encourage all cosmetic laser machine operators to report all issues immediately, no matter how small they may seem. Operators and their assistants must always be on the lookout for potential issues. When you have a standing contract for your medical laser repair and maintenance, you must report all such issues to your service provider.

Consider Going for a Cosmetic Laser Lease Contract

To get around issues to do with your medical laser repair and maintenance, you could opt for a rental contract. A rental contract frees you from having to worry about such issues as they are the responsibility of the medical laser dealer. MedLaserUSA offers attractive deals on a wide range of the latest cosmetic laser machines for all types of treatments.

Know When its Time to Let Go

Cosmetic laser technology is advancing at lightning speed making it important to stay up-to-date so as to remain competitive. Knowing when to upgrade also helps you escape the risk of obsolescence or incurring abnormal running costs due to more frequent issues. Keeping your equipment in the best shape becomes more demanding as it ages. Dealers such as MedLaserUSA buy your old equipment after it has been appraised and this can help you significantly bring down the cost of upgrading.

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