How To Repair And Maintain Cosmetic Lasers

Not every spa owner or cosmetic laser machine operator understands the scope of maintenance or repairs that is demanded to keep their equipment in tip-top shape, reduce running costs, and keep away hazards. Maintenance of your cosmetic laser machines doesn’t start when they are due for routine maintenance or re-certification; rather, it starts with making sure that the operators are well-trained and experienced, among other important considerations. If you are looking for comprehensive information on how to repair and maintain your cosmetic laser equipment, this blog gives you a headstart to make sure you can hit the ground running.

A Word on Cosmetic Laser Machine Repairs

First, let’s discuss repairs before proceeding to care and maintenance requirements. When it comes to repairs for your cosmetic laser machines, it is imperative to entrust this in the hands of trained and experienced technicians.  If you have an in-house team, it is vital that they get certified in repairing the types of laser machines that you use and get such training updated on a regular basis to capture new information and developments in the technology and industry. Make it a point to always buy OEM parts from a reputable dealer, preferably the one from whom you bought the equipment.  When opting for a provider of repair services, conduct thorough research to discover the best in as far as repairing your type of equipment is concerned. MedLaserUSA offers a full folio of support services that include operator certification training repairs and maintenance. You can rest assured of getting all your requirements catered under one roof when you buy or rent your equipment from us. It also helps if you learn about the common types of cosmetic laser machine repairs, especially those associated with the type of laser equipment that you use.

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Cosmetic laser Machine Maintenance

Proper use, care, and preventative maintenance of your cosmetic laser machines go hand-in-glove. This is why proper training of the operator is very important as it not only satisfies a requirement of the law but also helps maintain your reputation and give your equipment a long life. Proper care of your laser machines also drives optimum profitability by eliminating unnecessary expenses by way of frequent repairs.

Components of Cosmetic laser machine care and maintenance

Periodic checks

The operator or physician using the cosmetic laser equipment must be able to run regular checks of important components to make sure that they are in proper working order or spot issues while they are still in their infancy.

Some of the necessary checks include:

  • Power supply/ Exciter
  • Delivery optics
  • Optics Train/ Beam Path Optics
  • Laser Cavity/ Laser Head/ Resonator
  • Cooling System Check
  • Dusting Filters

Due Care During Use

The operator or physician must exercise due care during use to avoid damaging the equipment. This includes making sure not to drop the handpieces, use the machines beyond their capacities, or continuing to use a machine that has clear signs of having developed a problem, no matter how small.

Preventative Maintenance

You must not only schedule routine preventative maintenance but also make sure that the equipment receives it as and when it falls due. Never skip maintenance for any reason, even a surge in customers. Rather go for a rental deal to continue catering to your clients while your equipment receives the necessary attention. You must make it workplace policy that operators must report issues immediately and avoid using any equipment if they are of the opinion that it needs expert attention to continue operating safely and efficiently.


We Can Help!

The maintenance and prompt repair of your cosmetic laser machines should be a top priority for your business. As mentioned earlier, it all starts with getting a trained operator and exercising due care during use of the equipment. MedLaserUSA is well placed to help you get every aspect of your maintenance and repair right. Call us today at 888 284 2486 to speak to one of our product experts whether you wish to buy, lease, access financing or training, or schedule maintenance and repairs. You can also send us an email on

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