Laser Hair Removal Treatments Basics

When contemplating opening a spa that offers laser hair removal treatments, it helps to learn some of the basics of the technologies involved as well as how the treatments work. You need not worry about the inner workings of the technologies as that is the preserve of the operator. Operator courses are readily available at MedLaserUSA that enable operators to provide safe and effective treatments. You can discuss training requirements when you buy new or second hand laser hair removal machines for sale. Here is a look at some of the basics pertaining to laser hair removal technology and treatments.

It’s not rocket science!

It is easy to get spooked by the name ‘laser’ and conjure images of a complicated and dangerous technology. Truth is, the technology is actually very simple and straightforward. Laser machines use light energy to targets the pigment in hair follicles, destroying the roots in the process.

There are different laser types

There are 3 types of laser technologies that you must consider when looking to buy a new or second hand laser hair removal machines for sale. MedLaserUSA stocks all types and gives you access to different makes and models across the board. According to your requirement, you can choose from Diode, Alexandrite, and ND:YAG laser machine technologies.

It works best on dark, thick, and coarse hair

The different laser technologies work best on different skin and hair types. However, laser technology in general, works best on dark hair as the pigment is easy to target with the light energy.

It works on all areas of the body

Laser hair removal works effectively and safely on all areas of the body. Special protection needs to be used such as for the eyes to avoid negative side-effects. Despite this, the most notable results are recorded in areas such as underarms, lips, chin, and bikini.

We can help

Our products experts are always ready to walk you through available new and second hand laser machines for sale to make sure that you get the best equipment for your requirement. We have all the popular and latest options at competitive prices and all the support services that you need such as aesthetic laser machine training, maintenance, and repairs. You can also access financing and attractive lease deals. Call us today at 888 284 2486 or mail us at, and well will get back to you as soon as possible.  

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