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Laser Tattoo Removal: The Battle Between Picosecond & Nanosecond Technology

Laser tattoo removal practitioners have different technologies at their disposal including picosecond and nanosecond cosmetic laser machines. With the availability of more options in the market, customers are increasingly looking for faster, more comfortable, and highly-effective treatments.  Despite the absence of peer-reviewed clinical evidence, it is a widely held assumption that cosmetic laser machines that fire light at a faster rate will deliver better treatments results. Knowing the real facts about available will come in handy when making decisions such as whether or not to go for used cosmetic lasers for sale. 

Basics of Nanosecond Lasers 

Nanosecond laser machines have been the gold standard of cosmetic laser hair removal for decades. The technology largely makes use of photothermal action to target the pigment and surrounding tissue with heat. Q-Switched laser technology has for long been preferred for tattoo removal treatments. 

Nanosecond Laser Wavelengths

Nanosecond laser technology features wavelengths up to 1064 nm and pulse energy reaching 1000 µJ. The result is extreme heat and cavitation, ultimately leading to cell rapture and epidermal whitening of tattooed skin. 

Popular Nanosecond Laser Machines for Tattoo Removal

Some of the popular nanosecond cosmetic laser machines include:

  • MedLase Q2 (Nd: YAG 1064 & 532 nm)
  • Ruby Star (694 nm Ruby)

Basics of Picosecond Lasers 

Picosecond laser machines make use of PressureWave Technology to break down the ink in the target area into small particles that are flushed out by the body. The main distinction of this technology is ultra-short pulses whose width is 100 times shorter when compared to Nanosecond technology. The pulse width allows for the use of half the fluence normally required when using nanosecond laser machines. The concept of picosecond technology was first proposed by V. Ross when he compared a multi-mode, passive mode-locking, 35-ps picosecond laser with a nanosecond laser. 

Picosecond Wavelengths

Picosecond laser technology features wavelengths that are transforming tattoo removal including 755 nm for green and blue tattoos, 532 nm for the removal of red, yellow, and orange color tattoos, and 1064 nm for getting rid of tattoos on dark skin.  A lot of dermatologists and researchers record sterling results of 75% to 100% clearance of unwanted tattoos. The technology delivers high energy in the range of 300-750 ps in trillionths of a second. 

Popular Picosecond Laser Machines For Tattoo Removal

Picosecond laser machines are more expensive when compared to their nanosecond counterparts. The good news is that you can bag all the latest pieces of technology when you shop used medical lasers for sale. Some of the popular picosecond cosmetic laser machines include: 

  • PICO4 (Lumenis)
  • Pico Sure
  • Pico Plus
  • Pico Clear
  • Pico SINON
  • Pico Harmony XL Pro
  • Discovery Plus (Quanta)
  • Picoway (Syneron-Candela)
  • Enlighten (Cutera)


Rather than try to discover the best solution between nanosecond and picosecond, many experts have recorded improved results by using the technologies in a complementary fashion. Medspas and other practitioners offering cosmetic treatments need to consider a number of factors to arrive at the best technology. These include the skin types and ink colors, among others. The aim should be comfortable, fast, and effective treatments that are free from typical side-effects such as blistering, hyperpigmentation, erythema, and hypopigmentation. 

Last Word

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