Lumenis M22 Aesthetic Laser

Lumenis M22 Aesthetic Laser: Versatile Multi Platform System

There are countless skin conditions that can be effectively managed or eradicated using skin treatment medical lasers. Of all the multi-platform systems that you can get for your Medspa business, the Lumenis M22 Aesthetic Laser is one of the most versatile. MedLaserUSA gives you unbeatable deals on Lumenis M22 Aesthetic Laser machines for sale and rent to give you a competitive edge in the market. The skin treatment medical laser boasts 4 technologies in one modular system allowing you to not only offer a range of treatments but laser hair removal as well. 

The Technologies

The Lumenis M22 Aesthetic Laser is the ideal solution when you seek to expand your cosmetic laser treatments to customers and also better position yourself for the future. Here are four technologies that you can bring to bear in a single treatment session when you use the Lumenis M22 Aesthetic Laser.

Universal IPL

OPT (Optimal Pulsed Technology) for photorejuvenation enables you to treat a wide array of skin conditions. Some of the conditions that can be treated using Universal IPL include:

  • Spider Veins – Spider veins can appear on the face and body
  • Rosacea – Rosacea is another skin condition that can be effectively treated using the Lumenis M22 Aesthetic Laser
  • Freckles – The Lumenis M22 Aesthetic Laser can also take care of freckles leaving customers with a clear even tone. 
  • Age Spots – Age spots usually develop on the arms, hands, face, and other areas of the body. Universal IPL allows practitioners to treat Age spots.
  • Skin Rejuvenation – Cosmetic laser practitioners can help customers beat the effects of aging on the skin. Sagging skin that is losing is youthful elasticity can easily be restored to become firmer and fresher. 
  • Keratosis – Keratosis refers to the small hard bumps that develop under the skin. The Lumenis M22 Aesthetic Laser machine renders effective treatment for Keratosis.
  • Warts – The Lumenis M22 Aesthetic Laser can also eradicate warts. 
  • Sun Spots – Sun spots are the results of extended exposure to the sun rays. 
  • Birthmarks and Beauty Marks – Nevi or Nevus, which are raised areas of the skin commonly called moles, beauty marks, or birthmarks can be removed using Universal IPL
  • Acne and Acne Scars – The M22 is also very effective in treating active acne and scars. 
  • Lentigines or Liver Spots – Lentigines are age-related benign lesions that usually appear on the face, hands, and other areas. They can easily be treated with the M22.
  • Dyschromia – Under- or over-pigmentation results in discoloration commonly known as Dyschromia. 
  • Erythema of Rosacea – Frequent and progressively worsening facial stinging, flushing, or burning is known as Erythema of rosacea. The condition can be treated using the M22.


This is a true fractional non-ablative system with CoolScan™ scanner that is suitable for skin rejuvenation. 

Multi-spot Nd: YAG

The Lumenis M22 Aesthetic Laser features Multi-spot Nd: YAG with Multi Sequential Pulsing (MSP™) and comes with 2 sized lightguides. The technology makes the M22 ideal for treating vascular lesions and leg veins. 

Q-Switched Nd: YAG

The M22 also boasts Q-switched Nd: YAG technology with a homogenous beam profile that promotes enhanced safety and efficacy. The technology is best for dark tattoo removal, treating pigmented lesions, and providing a range of combination treatments. 

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When looking for a skin treatment medical laser for your Medspa, you can never go wrong with the Lumenis M22 Aesthetic Laser. MedLaserUSA offers attractive deals on Lumenis M22 Aesthetic Laser machines for sale and rent. You can also access financing at friendly terms as well as arrange a service contract for the repair and maintenance of your equipment. Call us today at 888 284 2486 to discuss how the Lumenis M22 Aesthetic Laser machine can help grow your business and position you for the future. You can also email us on and we will respond as soon as possible.

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