Managing Common Hazards in your laser hair removal business

Managing Common Hazards in your Laser Hair Removal Business

Laser hair removal treatments represent the best method to get rid of hair on any part of your body for extended periods. That is why spas across the world are buying the best commercial laser hair removal machines to up their game and stay competitive. There is however a reasonable amount of risk when it comes to cosmetic laser machine installation and use. The responsibility to ensure the safe installation and use of laser equipment in non-hospital facilities rests squarely on the shoulders of your senior operator, whereas large institutions are required to appoint a Laser Safety Officer.

Basic requirements

To make sure that cosmetic laser safety is assured in your laser hair removal business, there are certain basic requirements that you must meet. These include:

  • Operators must not only be certified in use and safety of laser machines but also stay appraised with local regulations.
  • You must carry out periodic laser safety audits that cover aspects such as the facility and safety features and equipment, including labels, interlocks, warning signs, eyewear, and area controls.

Eye hazards

Inadvertent exposure to laser emissions constitutes the greatest risk to operators and customers alike. Failure to use proper protection can result in temporary or permanent damage to the eyes. Common symptoms of inadvertent exposure to laser emissions include hearing a popping sound owing to an explosion on the retina, headache, pain in the eye, appearance of floaters in the affected person’s vision, or excessive eye watering. Make sure to get all the necessary safety accessories when you buy commercial laser hair removal machines.

Skin hazards

Improper use of cosmetic laser machines may also result in skin exposure, causing localized skin burns. Laser emissions may also trigger fires when they come into contact with combustible materials. Keep combustible and flammable materials safe when your equipment emits irradiances in excess of 10 watts/cm2 or the beam power is above 0.5 watts.

Let’s talk laser safety!

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