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Professional Vs At Home Laser Hair Removal Machines

Professional Medical laser machines for skin treatment can be pricey and complicated to operate. There are strict regulations that govern the activities of spas and clinics offering medical laser treatments across the US and the world. The demand for cosmetic laser machines, especially professional laser hair removal machines for sale, is soaring to match with the growing market for the treatments. More affordably priced and less regulated home cosmetic laser machines are also readily available in the market. Though the 2 solutions are both designed to provide cosmetic laser treatments, there are vast differences that you should know. In this blog, we share information that you must know about home and professional medical laser hair removal machines.

The Differences


Professional Laser hair removal treatments give patients access to the latest technology for the desired treatment. Spas and clinics that offer cosmetic laser treatments use the best machines that allow for unmatched configurations, safety, and effectiveness.

Home cosmetic laser machines feature countless makes and models but leave it to the end-user to choose the best solution. The technology is also notably scaled down and characterized by simple controls that don’t require any expertise.

Professional cosmetic laser machines, according to law, must be operated by a certified professional or physician. They will take many issues into consideration before calibrating the machine and delivering treatment. These include your medical history, skin health & tone, and hair color. All this improves safety, patient comfort, and treatment outcomes.

Home cosmetic laser machines are less regulated and require the patient to zap themselves or get a friend to so when it comes to the difficult parts of the body. You will also need more treatment sessions with a home cosmetic laser machine as compared to professional options to get the same results.


When it comes to convenience, home cosmetic laser machines score very highly.  Having cosmetic laser technology at home means you can forego spa or clinic appointments, commute, parking fees, and the like. They are also advantageous for people who are not comfortable with things such as bikini waxing as you can personally work around sensitive areas without the presence of a stranger.  If you experience some irritation from shaving, some home cosmetic laser machines may just be the solution for you as they don’t require some preparation. The convenience front is pretty much where the winning story starts and ends for home cosmetic laser machines.


While both solutions use the same approach to attaining hair reduction, professional laser machines have a more immediate effect. Home solutions use scaled down IPL technology which takes a longer route while delivering less enduring results. There is a stronger need for top-up treatments when it comes to home cosmetic laser treatments as there are high chances of regrowth when it comes to hair reduction treatments.


Despite an abundance of affordably-priced home cosmetic laser machines for treatments such as hair removal, professional treatments remain popular and are expected to grow in the foreseeable future. This is due to the promise of safety and enduring results that comes from professional cosmetic laser machines for hair removal and other treatments.  You can find more information about your choices when you search online.

Last Word

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