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Recommended Laser Skin Treatments for Ageing

The reason why the Alphaville song, ‘Forever Young’ remains popular across different generations as it communicates a universal yearning for eternal youth. “Forever young. I want to be forever young. Do you really want to live forever?” Laser machines for skin treatments help many fulfill this desire for a youthful appearance every day. People looking for a way to make their skin look younger can now look beyond serums, creams, and topical products as dermatologists provide laser skin treatments for ageing. The signs of ageing can also appear in young people. The big question for most people considering laser treatments is: “Which one is best for me?” Here are some of the best laser treatments for common skin issues.

For ageing skin, worsening texture, and fine lines

Fraxel Restore is the best laser for the job as it does not vaporize the entire layer of skin. This new generation laser produces microbeams of energy that stimulate the skin to get rid of the damaged collagen and elastin. Fresh tissue covers the area giving you better pore size, tone, color, texture, and skin quality.

For red veins on the cheeks and nose

There are a number of laser machines for skin treatment that take care of prominent veins or capillaries.  The two best options are Nd:YAG or PDL as they can be calibrated to target the vessels while leaving the surrounding skin intact.

For Sunspots and skin tightening

There are also different laser machines that can effectively treat skin tightening. One new kid on the block that performed exceptionally well is the Ulthera laser, which uses ultrasound. For sunspots, Q-switched laser works well even in a single treatment session. It works by ‘zapping’ the sunspots making them disappear faster than any cream can do.

Discuss with your doctor

Despite the recommendations offered in this blog, it’s always best to consult your doctor or dermatologist to discuss the laser skin treatment that is best for you. MedLaserUSA offers the latest laser machines for skin treatment for sale and lease as well as maintenance and repair services. Dermatologists can buy new or used equipment and also get certification in operating the equipment. Call us today to discuss your requirement with experts at 888 284 2486. You can also mail us at

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