Selling My Used Laser

You are either in a position to buy a used laser or sell your used laser, either way you have found the right article. There things you should know being in either position.

You have invested a significant amount of money into purchasing your laser and you want to get the most amount of money for it. Just like a car a laser is an asset that depreciates. On the bright side this depreciating asset has made you lots of money and has paid for itself. Those years of use on the laser has endured ware and tare that happened over time providing treatments. The years of use most likely require parts to be replaced and necessary service to prepare the device for the next customer.

Parts that will most likely need to be replaced: flash lamps as well as the laser heads depending on how many shots your device has on it from the years of use. All these repairs allow the device to function at optimal levels for the new owner. Additionally, all those repairs cost money that impact the resale value of your used laser. If your laser is not working or doesn’t turn on this has a serious impact on the value of your laser.

It is always a shock but you will never get anywhere close to the amount of money you originally spent when selling your used laser. Another factor which impacts the value of your used laser is re-certification fees. A re-certification fee is a fee which the manufacturer of your device charges the next owner of your used laser which allows them to obtain parts, service, and warranties from the manufacturer. Unless the next owner purchases the re-certification from the manufacturer then there is 0 support on their used second hand laser. This means no parts, service, or warranties. Re-certification fees range from $25,000-$50,000.

Expensive re-certification fees price your used laser out of the market when you add the cost of what you think your used laser is worth. For example, if you want $45,000 for your used laser and a re-certification fee is $30,000 = $75,000. If a brand new version of your used laser is $85,000 or close to combined price then why would anyone buy your used laser for $75,000 (re-certification included) when they could buy a brand new version. This is why you will never get the price you want for your used laser.

If you’re interested in selling your used laser, MedLaser USA offers fair market cash offers for all types of used medical equipment including used lasers. If you’re looking at buying a used laser be aware of the cost of manufacturer technician costs and re-certification costs.

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