Social Media Promotion Tips to Grow Your Cosmetic Business

The growth of the aesthetic treatments market has not made it easy to get new patients as more players and better technologies continue to enter the industry. This has made it important to explore all avenues that allow you to connect with new aesthetic patients. Apart from buying new and used laser equipment for sale to keep up with trends in the market, you also need a vibrant online presence that includes social media initiatives. Social media marketing helps you increase conversions and cultivate trust and credibility. In this blog, we look at some of the tips that can help you supercharge your social media presence to grow your aesthetic business. 

Why Social Media?

An average social media user spends 2 hours a day going through different platforms. This has seen a rapid increase in the number of people that use social media platforms to find services and products. This number includes those seeking aesthetic laser treatments making it important to reach out to them and grow your business. 

Pick relevant social media platforms

The first step is discovering social media platforms that are mostly used by patients. Some of the most commonly used platforms on which you can promote your aesthetic business include:


Facebook is unarguably the most widely used social media platform in the world. The platform allows you to reach the widest audience in the US and you can also share content from manufacturers and dealers providing new and used laser equipment for sale. 


Over 80 percent of millennials visit their twitter accounts at least once every day. To reap dividends from your efforts on Twitter, it is essential to post frequently and keep an eye on your competitors’ accounts. 


There is no better social media platform to showcase your services, technologies, staff, and brand. YouTube allows you to upload short effective videos that educate visitors about the different cosmetic laser treatments and aesthetic laser machines. As with most media that goes online today, make sure your videos are optimized for mobile.


Most Instagram users are under the age of 35 and the platform has seen a phenomenal increase in the number of users. You can share short videos and images to market your services and brand. 


Linked is the best platform to be when you wish to connect with professionals as well as commercial clients. The platform allows you to craft a personal brand by creating a profile that is complete with a professional profile photo and your credentials. 

Ask patients to write reviews

Most people looking for products and services turn to online reviews to learn the experiences of others. Patients are a ready and potent marketing tool that you can easily recruit to grow your business. 

Provide your contact details

When you take your business online, it is important to make it easy for patients to contact you. Social media platforms have intuitive features that allow you to do things like adding a ‘contact us’ button. 

Be creative

Social media is a hive of activity making it necessary to be creative to catch the readers’ attention. Use text, images, and video creatively to promote your brand and showcase your services. Whatever you do, you must maximize visual content which contains interactions as opposed to simple products or text.

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