Spotlight on Commonly Removed Tattoos

The laser tattoo removal industry is growing exponentially as more people look to get rid of their body art for one reason or the other. While there are all kinds of tattoos that customers seek to get rid of, there are some that are pretty common among different practitioners and spas. Players such as MedLaserUSA give business across the world access to some of the best cosmetic laser machine technologies and deals to offer the best treatments for all types of tattoos and stay profitable. In this blog, we look at some of the most common tattoos that people regret.


Tattoos not only come in different designs but different color combinations as well. Laser tattoo removal is a marked improvement from the bygone era wherein tattoos were shaved off surgically or chemically peeled. However, the wavelength is a very important considering when removing tattoos for better targeting of specific inks and colors.

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Commonly Tattoos Removed

Zodiac Signs

Zodiac sign tattoos are no longer really trending. This has resulted in huge numbers of people thronging tattoo removal businesses to get them removed. You may want to reconsider if you have been considering getting this type of tattoo.


Butterfly tattoos are another common casualty when it comes to laser tattoo removal.  While it was a hit around the 90s and 2000s, it seems to be no longer in vogue.


The appeal of these magical features seems to have waned off as they are some of the common tattoos being removed by way of laser technology.  

Barbed Wire

While a barbed wire tattoo may have been the ultimate body art for a tough guy, many are now getting rid of them. A significant number of men that seek tattoo removal services have barbed wire tattoos.


Star tattoos are another common feature among tattoos being removed at tattoo removal spas. These come in all sorts of designs and color combinations.


These beloved sea creatures were popularized through movies and recreational centers featuring aquatic animals. Nowadays, dolphin tattoos frequent tattoo removal spas.

Chinese Symbols

While chinese symbols still feature prominently when it comes to people choices of new tattoos, a lot of customers want to get rid of them. They are quite common especially in popular culture, with Nicki Minaj being a notable mention.


Name tattoos were quite a rage in the past whether done for love or self. Today, they feature prominently among tattoos that are being removed by laser tattoo removal practitioners.

Celtic Designs

The notable number of Celtic design tattoo removals does not stem from the changing times but more of human error. It turns out a significant number of people choose these heritage signs without the backing of adequate research and end up with the wrong choice etched in their skin.

Wrongly Spelt Words

A significant amount of tattoos being removed by laser tattoo removal practitioners are the result of erroneous spelling. Nobody wants to move around with a visible tattoo that is wrongly spelled and as soon as they realize the situation, most visit tattoo removal spas to get them removed.

Buying a laser tattoo removal machine

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a laser tattoo removal machine. Make sure that you know the different available options to choose wisely. You need to understand how the technology as well as the significance of the different wavelengths as mentioned earlier.

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