Stand-alone or Platform Aesthetic Laser For Your Practice?

A lot has been discussed about considerations that you have to make when you buy new or used aesthetic lasers. While most of the discussions revolved around aspects such as market research, finding a dealer, and setting a budget, this piece is devoted to a comparison of stand-alone and platform systems as well as other pertinent considerations. Aesthetic laser machines come into 2 broad types and knowing which one to buy is one of the biggest considerations you have to make.  

Stand-alone systems

Stand-alone systems are usually designed with only one hand piece (HP) which delivers a single wavelength.  They are designed for specific purposes whether hair reduction or tattoo removal. One popular example is the long pulse alexandrite 755-nm laser used for hair reduction treatments.  They are great for large spas or clinics that work with huge budgets.


  • The systems are robust work horses
  • Multiple stand alone systems enable the simultaneous treatment of many customers
  • Give you a dedicated system for selective work


  • They usually demand more space
  • Buy multiple systems demand more capital
  • Maintenance costs are usually higher

Platform systems

Platforms systems have the unique ability to attach multiple handpieces that attend to different issues. You can attach hair reduction and tattoo removal hand pieces at the same time. The software detects any attachment and settings of the system can be changed according to the type of hand piece that has been attached. Platform systems are great for new businesses or spa chains. It is also the best choice when different practitioners want to use the same machine.


  • Allows you to provide different treatments
  • Comes with a lower cost of ownership
  • Demand less by way of maintenance costs
  • Provides treatment in fewer visits
  • Demands less office space


  • If there is a breakdown all hand pieces are affected
  • Only a single hand piece can be used at a time
  • Not as robust or effective as stand-alone systems
  • Hand pieces can be pricey


Last Word

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