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Stretch Marks Treatments? Laser Vs Creams

The fight against stretch marks for many women across the world. They look like a mess and giving rise to dark lines across the legs, stomach, and even torso. Everyone looks for a quick and effective solution to get rid of stretch marks and the choice often lay between laser treatments and creams. There are many professional creams and medical laser machines for sale that are widely used to deal with issues such as stretch marks. In this blog, we look at the two options with a view to help you discover one that is best for you.

Medical laser treatments

Medical laser treatments for stretch marks do not offer instantaneous results but rather, long-term and enduring outcomes. The treatment demands more in terms of time and cost of sessions but the results are worth every cent. The desired results may show after treatment sessions spread over many months. The best laser options for stretch marks include Fractional Photothermolysis which stimulates collagen and elastin production, Excimer which eliminates the melatonin, and Pulse Dye Therapy which comes highly recommended for fresh marks and functions in much the same way as Photothermolysis.


There are a lot of creams in the market, which makes the choice of an effective option that is best for your skin even more difficult. Even at their best they are most a preventative form of treatment that renders the skin more elastic through hydration. They can also help mask/eliminate any discoloration and blemishes occasioned by stretch marks. You need to consult your dermatologist to discuss your problem and get a prescription for cream that’s best for you.


As stated before, it takes several months and more money to go through with medical laser treatments for stretch marks but the results are tangible and lasting as compared to even the best creams. The decision as to which type of laser machine is ideal for your stretch marks and skin is the product of discussions with your doctor. MedLaserUSA provides doctors with the best deals on new and used medical laser machines for sale. We also provide financing, maintenance, repairs, and certification to help ensure the desirable treatment outcomes. Buy aesthetic lasers today or call to discuss your requirement at 888 284 2486. You can also send us a message at

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