Cosmetic Laser Technollogy

The Basics of Cosmetic Laser Technology

Professional cosmetic lasers represent a considerable from which you must get a healthy return. It is not just any machine that will serve your requirement and the timing of your purchase is also important. You need to get a basic understanding of the technology and the market before you can make any significant moves. MedLaserUSA sells used medical lasers of all popular makes and models to spas and clinics in the US and around the world. To help you get the best from your investment, we share some important basics of the technology that you ought to know. 

How does it work?

The technology uses laser-generated heat energy to target the treatment area, whether it involves removing unwanted skin tissue or targeting tattoo pigment and hair roots. They use different wavelengths for specific treatments in which heat energy only reaches the desired level of the dermis. Cosmetic lasers also stimulate skin regeneration through collagen production. Platforms systems can be used for a variety of different treatments while dedicated machines can only serve a single purpose. 

Common Types of Cosmetic Treatments

The different types of cosmetic treatments require different types of lasers to get the desired results.  Depending on the type of treatments that your spa or clinics wish to provide, you may choose from the following cosmetic laser and IPL technologies. 

Hair Removal 

Laser hair removal is a very popular treatment for most spas and clinics. The common types of Laser machines for hair removal include Nd:YAG systems, Alexandrite lasers, Diode lasers, as well as IPL systems. 

Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal treatments are also very popular and patronized by people of all ages. Common technologies used to provide this treatment include 1064 nm and 532 nm Nd: YAG and Q-Switched systems, as well as 755 nm Alexandrite lasers are used, sometimes together, to cater to the whole color spectrum. 

Pigmented Lesions

Treatment of pigmented lesions is mostly done using pulsed lasers such as 1064 nm and doubled 532 nm, 510 nm Pulsed Dye, 755 nm Alexandrite, 511 nm Copper Vapor, and 520-530 nm Krypton. 

Vascular Lesions

Vascular lesions can be treated using pulsed doubled 1064 nm and 532 nm  Nd: YAG, pulsed dye 585-595nm lasers, and IPL systems. 

Skin Resurfacing/Rejuvenation 

Also, a popular type of cosmetic laser treatment, laser peel or laser resurfacing covers acne scars, wrinkles, and other skin imperfections. Common technologies used for skin rejuvenation treatments include 10,600 nm CO2 lasers, and 2940 nm Erbium. 

Popular Professional Cosmetic Lasers

Ruby Laser Machines

  • Palomar 
  • RubyStar
  • EpiPulse Ruby


Alexandrite Laser Machines

  • Cynosure
  • EpiTouch 
  • Candela
  • GentleLase


Diode Laser Systems

  • SopranoXL
  • Epistar
  • LaserLite
  • LightSheer
  • Apex
  • MeDioStar
  • SLP, F1 Diode


Nd: YAG Laser Systems

  • Cutera
  • Cynosure
  • Lyra
  • Candela
  • Sciton
  • GentleYAG
  • Medlite IV


IPL Systems

  • Quantum
  • PhotoDerm
  • Vasculight
  • Aculight
  • Epilight


There is a host of other types of cosmetic treatment systems that you can buy new or used including BiPolar, Radiofrequency, Fractional, and Flashlamp. 


When planning to buy new or used cosmetic lasers for sale, there are other important considerations to make. Let’s take a closer look:

Certification Training

You must get certification training to operate cosmetic laser machines. MedLaserUSA provides this training under flexible arrangements to make sure you can offer safe and effective treatments as well as take good care of the equipment. 

Preventative Maintenance and Repairs

To get real value from your investment, it is important that it receives regular preventative maintenance and repairs as when required. Such an arrangement eliminates downtimes, accidents, expensive repairs, and premature wear. MedLaserUSA also provides some of the best technical support services to keep your equipment up and running for long. 

Talk to Us!

When looking for a dealer that sells used medical laser machines, MedLaserUSA is your trusted partner. We offer unbeatable deals on a whole range of cosmetic laser and IPL systems for all types of treatments and budgets. You can also access financing on friendly terms. Call us today at 888 284 2486 to discuss your requirement and get a customized deal on used cosmetic laser machines for sale. You can also mail on, and we will respond as soon as possible. 

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