The Cost of Aesthetic Laser Machines

Aesthetic laser treatments first hit the market in 1962 and have gone through phenomenal growth in recent times. The 2016-17 period saw a market growth of 18 percent and the future will most certainly be characterized by more runaway growth. The market growth is due to the desirable attributes of laser treatments such as being non-invasive, fast-healing, requiring fewer treatments, and the absence of side effects such as scarring and discoloration. To arrive at the cost of aesthetic lasers, you need to first define your requirement to make it easy isolating a single machine from the various options.

Elements of Aesthetic Laser Machine Cost

There are a number of elements that you have to consider when looking to learn the true cost of an aesthetic laser machine.  

Purchase Price

The first element that you have to consider is the purchase price of the aesthetic laser. This will depend on the make and model of the laser and whether you are buying brand new or used. The cost of the aesthetic laser will also decrease significantly if you do a swap and top deal.


If you are buying from an end user, the cost of shipping is a factor that you must consider. However, MedLaserUSA takes care of your shipping when you buy an aesthetic laser, bring the overall cost down.

Certification Training

Buying an aesthetic laser machine is not enough as you have to acquire the necessary training before you can start advertising your services. That is why you need to also consider certification training fees when calculating the cost of and aesthetic laser machine.


Another cost that you must always consider is that of maintenance. It is important to make arrangements for the routine maintenance of your aesthetic laser. This helps keep your equipment functioning effectively for long. You can also be assured of some good residual value when you ultimately sell it off.

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