The Importance of Wavelengths in Tattoo Laser Removal

Once you have done your research and determined that you need a laser tattoo removal machine for your clinic, the next step is to evaluate available options to discover the right one to buy or lease. There are several tattoo removal machines in MedLaser USA’s inventory, making it important to be methodical when choosing. The Q Switched Nd: YAG laser tattoo removal machine is a popular choice for many practitioners and clinics. Every customer is unique and so is every tattoo. That is why wavelength is very important when providing tattoo removal treatments. Here are some of the reasons using the correct combination of wavelength matters for tattoo removal.

Why Different Wavelengths?

Tattoo removal requires the use of different wavelengths of light to better target different colors and inks. This is because different colors and inks absorb different wavelengths better than others. For practitioners and clinics seeking to provide effective tattoo laser removal treatments, it goes without saying that they need a machine that can emit different wavelengths of light energy. This requirement also stresses the need to have certified practitioners operating the sophisticated equipment.

Which Wavelengths are Best for Tattoo Removal?

The Q Switched Nd: YAG produces a combination of three wavelengths that are very critical for any successful laser tattoo removal, especially for multicolored tattoos. The three active Q-Switched wavelengths used in tattoo removal are:

  • 532nm
  • 1064nm
  • Ruby 694nm

Q-Switched lasers have a distinct ability to emit intense pulses that are concentrated on the intended target. The 532nm wavelength is great at targeting dark or black pigment while the 1064nm better targets red ink and other colors with a warm tone. The Ruby 694 allows for effective elimination of rare and resistant colors such as sky blue, lime green, and teal.

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