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Tips To Keep Expensive Cosmetic Laser Repairs at Bay

There are several reasons why you must be constantly concerned about the health of your cosmetic laser machines apart from protecting your investment. The worrying can easily go away if you partner with MedLaserUSA for all your requirements pertaining to the repair and maintenance of cosmetic lasers. It is easy to overlook maintenance and repair requirements under the misconception of saving money. The repercussions of such a decision may, however, be far-reaching and costly. Apart from partnering with a reputable service provider, there is a lot every business can do to keep away expensive repairs and other consequences of inadequate maintenance and delayed or improper repairs. Here is a look at some of those measures that you can put in place to safeguard your cosmetic laser machines in shape. 

What are the benefits of timely and proper maintenance and repairs? 

There are several benefits that accrue to clinics whose cosmetic laser machines receive timely and proper maintenance and repairs. These include but are not restricted to:

  • Escaping costly repairs and save money
  • Zero downtimes
  • Improved patient and practitioner safety during treatments
  • Increased lifespan for the equipment
  • Avoiding legal hassles

What to Do

Proper maintenance works to increase the lifespan of your cosmetic laser machine but won’t keep away issues completely. The benefits are too huge to ignore. So what should go into a preventative maintenance program for cosmetic laser machines? Here are some of the important elements that must feature in your maintenance program. 

Inspect your Handpieces

Make sure to check your aesthetic laser machine handpieces on a daily basis. You can make sure that the windows last longer by cleaning them with alcohol between patients. Also, remember to replace them as and when necessary to prevent catastrophic failures such as blown fibers.

Dust the Filters

Most cases of electrical and optical failure are the result of dust accumulation. That is why it is important to regularly dust the fans vacuum vents and clean the filters. Any accumulation of dust and debris can result in the insufficient cooling of the cosmetic and ultimately damage to different components and electrical systems. 

Check Cooling System Daily

As part of your preventative maintenance regimen, it is important to check the cooling system levels every day before commencing treatments. This is an important part of a cosmetic laser machine responsible for cooling the laser cavity and even the handpieces and power supply in some cases. Overheating can result in the absence of regular checks resulting in a significant increase in costs associated with the repair and maintenance of cosmetic lasers. Make sure you use deionizing water as well as a coolant, if necessary.

Avoid Overfilling

When adding coolant, always make sure that you do not overfill your laser system. Failure to observe the proper coolant levels can result in water leaks from the reservoir which can easily damage vital electronic components of the system.  

Check the Voltage 

Before powering up your laser system, you need to check and verify that the voltage displayed on your cosmetic laser equipment corresponding with what is coming out of the wall socket. There are variations to the amount of power coming out of wall sockets in different facilities. 

Regulate Temperatures in the Treatment Room

You must always stay alert to the risk of equipment overheating and take appropriate measures to stay on the safe side. One way to this is by regulating treatment room temperatures. Make sure that they don’t go above 75-80 degrees. 

Last Word

There are lots of other initiatives that you have to implement to keep expensive repairs away including checking flashlamp pulses and always take heed of Full Calibration messages. MedLaserUSA can help with all the repair and maintenance of your cosmetic laser machines. Talk to us today to hear how we can help and discuss your requirements whether you wish to buy used cosmetic laser equipment or get an attractive deal of equipment servicing and repair at 888 284 2486 or email us at 

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