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Ultimate Buying Guide to N95 & KN95 Respirators 2020

Ultimate Buying Guide to N95 & KN95 Respirators 2020


The global shortage of masks or respirators has brought the disposable face mask to the forefront and has become a valuable piece of equipment. Knowing everything about an equivalent replacement to the N95, the KN95, will help everyone become a mask expert and feel confident when wearing what is available. There are some important details to know such as air filtration rating, CDC guidelines, what to look for, who to buy N95 or KN95s masks from, creditable medical distributors, and why the KN95 is an equivalent replacement to the N95.


 What is NIOSH certification?


NIOSH air filtration rating is a set of standards that the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has created and classifies filtrations for respirators. The ratings describe the ability of the respirator or mask to protect the person wearing the respirator from dust and liquid droplets in the air. The certification and codes are governed by the code of federal regulations. NIOSH has established 9 classifications; the N is for Not resistant to oil and is to be used when oil particles are not present. Other classifications are R & P further protection from oil particles and being oil proof. N95 means that there is a 95% filtering of airborne particles that the wearer would be exposed to.



CDC Guidelines & Recommendations to KN95 Respirators


The CDC released an article on March 17th, 2020 detailing the strategies for optimizing the supplies of the N95 mask.  In this detailed article discuss using N95 masks beyond the recommended manufacturer’s shelf life. But there are other alternatives to consider that the CDC has recommended. Other countries have their version of the N95 mask, for example the Chinese version is the KN95. The KN95 also carries the N95 label because the mask filters 95% of particulates that are .03 microns in diameter. In the article the CDC states that other countries such as China have similar standards as those detailed in the NIOSH certification. The CDC also states that the KN95 and other versions of the N95 globally are expected to provide protection to workers. Additionally, the CDC states “These devices are expected to be suitable alternatives to provide protection during the COVID-19 response when supplies are short.” Reference the CDC article here.


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Surgical Respirators VS. Disposable KN95 Respirators


There are different types of respirators from the ones found at the hardware store which also carry the N95 rating and respirators that are deemed medical devices. If the respirator is deemed for medical use or even surgical then the mask will carry a device listing number. There are different classes of devices, according to the FDA a class 1 device does not need a premarket notification. If the mask is deemed a medical device and for surgical use, the mask will carry a 510k number. The highest level of certification would be a medical device labeled mask with a 510k number. If the mask is not used for surgical use and carries a splash rating then the mask may still have a medical designation with a listing number. You can always look up any medical distributorship or medical company in the FDA establishment listing database. MedLaser USA is a FDA registered facility with a owner operator number and has been licensed for many years importing medical devices.



What is FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 and important details to know


FFP stands for filtering facepiece and these different classifications are a designated score from the EN standards. The closest European standard to N95 is a FFP2.

Respirator Standard Filter Capacity (removes x% of of all particles that are 0.3 microns in diameter or larger)
FFP1 & P1 At least 80%
FFP2 & P2 At least 94%
N95 At least 95%
N99 & FFP3 At least 99%
P3 At least 99.95%
N100 At least 99.97%


All products distributed as listed above are all subject to the laws of the country of origin. 



How big is the Corona Virus and will respirators filter it?

 N95 & KN95 filter down to .03 microns and the corona virus is suggested to be between .06 – .14 microns in size. This is according to an article published in the New England Journal of medicine titled A Novel Coronavirus from Patients with Pneumonia in China, 2019 written by Dr. Zhang and colleagues February 20, 2020. 



What is the difference between KN95 & N95?


There are many different designs globally for the N95, one of the global designs is the KN95. The N95 and the KN95 are very similar but different at the same time. The N95 mask is a circler cup style design and more widely known in the United States. The KN95 is a respirator design that has Chinese origins. 3M released a study showing specifications of both the KN95 and the N95 masks and the both have been found to have similar particulate filtration rations. The CDC has also issued a statement detailing that the KN95 can provide the expected protection and is an acceptable replacement for the N95 mask. 



How to Differentiate Different Types of Respirators & Masks


When determining what mask is best for you and the situation its important to understand the difference between a mask and a respirator. Respirators offer a seal around your face and increase filtration from potential viruses, dust, or pollutants. Medical masks are simply just a face covering. Both respirators and masks are disposable and should be disposed of after 1 use. Its important to discard the mask or respirator if anything splashes on the material, any contact with contaminates, or if it has been soiled. Masks and respirators are for 1 time use and then discarding the product. 



Mask Sizes and Fitting Explained


Depending on the mask manufacturer sometimes there are different mask sizes. If you’re looking for medical masks for sale or buying medical masks, MedLaser USA can answer all your questions on proper sizing if it is necessary for the specific mask you’re looking for. Respirators should have a tight seal around your face to ensure proper filtration of air that can contain pollutants and bad viruses. 


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Should Everyone Wear a Mask? What does the surgeon general recommend?


The guidelines or recommendations from the surgeon general is that everyone should be wearing a medical mask when in public. Adopting this practice is going to protect yourself and your loved ones from viruses like Covid-19. When determining what mask is best for you MedLaser USA can help you with buying a medical mask. States are implementing strict rules when in public such as wearing a medical mask is mandatory. There is no reason to risk going into public and not wearing a mask and possibly catching Covid-19 that can cause serious harm and even death. By wearing a medical mask you’re taking the proper steps to stop the spread of this horrible virus that has killed many and damaged the global economy. 



Where To Buy KN95 & N95 Respirators?

If you’re looking for quality N95 & KN95 respirator masks you can buy them directly from MedLaser USA website. It is easy to buy medical masks from MedLaser USA with a swift checkout process. You can either use your credit card or use pay pal. MedLaser USA has years of experience in the medical industry and offers top quality products for sale like medical masks but other products like medical equipment and medical lasers. The best part about buying medical masks from MedLaser USA is they have the inventory to ship immediately. Wearing medical masks to protect yourself from germs, dust, and viruses is going to be an important part of society considering the pandemic currently experienced globally. 


What are Dust Mask and Filter Cartridge Ratings?


Respiratory Filters come in a variety of ratings that relate to how a respirator performs (how much it filters) and what environment type it is designed to be used in. When choosing a respirator it’s important to understand that as the letter rating and number rating increase, breathing fatigue will increase. While you certainly don’t want to choose a rating that is too low, you don’t necessarily always want to pick a P100 filter for every application – particularly if you’re just looking for a simple dust mask to do home improvement work. Typically, an end user will find an N95 respirator cooler, and easier to breath through than a P99 or P95 dust mask.

Respirator Rating Letter Class
  • N – Not oil resistant
  • R – Resistant to oil
  • P – Oil Proof
Respirator Rating Number Class
  • 95 – Removes 95% of all particles that are at least 0.3 microns in diameter
  • 99 – Removes 99% of particles that are at least 0.3 microns in diameter
  • 100 – Removes 99.97% of all particles that are 0.3 microns in diameter or larger. HE or HEPA quality filter.


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