Understanding the Diode Ice Hair Removal Cosmetic Laser Machine

Laser hair removal treatments are sought by more and more people every year as they gain awareness about the many benefits associated with the technology. Different laser technologies are available to physicians offering hair removal treatments and their customers. One of the most important steps when it comes to establishing or expanding a cosmetic laser hair removal service is knowing the best option among the different options. Customers seeking laser hair reduction services can also benefit immensely from learning about the pros and cons of the different technologies. One that is exceedingly popular today is the Diode Ice Hair Removal Cosmetic Laser Machine. This blog seeks to help physicians and customers gain a better understanding of the technology. Here we go.

What is a Diode Ice Cosmetic Laser?

The Diode Ice Hair Removal Cosmetic Laser Machine is a true workhorse that is designed to cater to a wider demographic. It provides effective and safe treatments for a wide range of skin tones and offers several benefits to physicians and customers alike. It is regarded as one of the most sophisticated cosmetic laser hair removal platforms in the market today. It is designed with a lightweight shell and the toughness to provide hair removal treatments 24/7. The cosmetic laser machine weighs 40kg and delivers a wavelength of 810nm.

How Does It Work?

The Diode Ice Hair Removal Cosmetic Laser Machine works by delivering a concentrated beam of light at the hair in the target area. Its wavelength of 810nm makes it uniquely suited for all skin types. Thermal damage results from the absorption of the light energy by the pigment in the hair follicles. The cosmetic laser attains deep penetration and high absorption of melanin while the controlled damage ensures diminished hair regrowth in the future.   

What are its Advantages?

There are many advantages that place the Diode Ice Hair Removal Cosmetic Laser Machine above other options. The most notable of these advantages include the ability to safely deliver high absorption of melanin when compared to alternatives such as the 1064 Nd:Yag and 755nm Alexandrite.

Comfortable Treatments

Unlike during the days when cosmetic laser technology was still in its infancy, the Diode Ice delivers painless treatments thanks to cold tip technology which provides contact skin cooling. The physician can adjust temperatures of the built-in cold tip to meet the requirement during cosmetic laser hair removal sessions.

Quick Treatment Turnover

The Diode Ice Hair Removal Cosmetic Laser Machine is popular among physicians and patients as it also allows for quick treatment sessions. This allows for increased profitability for the physician while saving patients the time that would otherwise be required to go through the treatment with alternative cosmetic laser technologies. It features a Hz settings adjuster allowing physicians to attain fast firing rates up to 10Hz.

Other advantages

There is a host of other benefits that accrue to physicians and patients from using the Diode Ice. These include:

  • Having a compact handpiece that is the product of ergonomic design and allows physicians to work for extended periods stress-free.
  • The handpiece, 12mm x 16mm, is also designed to cover a large area, which also significantly helps cut down the duration of treatment sessions.
  • Operating expenses are significantly cut due to the absence of consumables
  • The system is user-friendly featuring a screen that also makes certification training a breeze.
  • Safe and comfortable full body treatments
  • Affordable and you can even get it cheaper when you go for used cosmetic laser machines for sale.

Last Word

The Diode Ice Hair Removal Cosmetic Laser Machine is a must-have on your shortlist when looking to buy cosmetic laser hair removal equipment. MedLaserUSA gives you the best deals on the Diode Ice whether you wish to buy new or used, or rent. You can also get financing for your equipment under favorable terms. Our products experts are always ready to walk you through the cosmetic laser machine’s features as well as other hair removal laser options. Call us today to discuss your requirement and get answers to all your questions at 888 284 2486. You can also email us at info@medlaserusa.com for a speedy response.

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