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Up Close with Laser Tattoo Removal Training

As the demand for laser tattoo removal services increases, more players in the aesthetics field are looking to get the best cosmetic lasers for sale and tattoo removal laser training. MedLaserUSA not only offers great deals on new and used medical lasers for sale and lease, but also provides some of the best training including tattoo removal laser training. If you are considering adding laser tattoo removal services to your aesthetics services portfolio, this blog takes a closer look at tattoo removal laser training.

How is a tattoo made?

Tattoos are created when a pigment is inserted in the dermis, which is below the skin. Unlike tattoos from the bygone era, today’s tattoos come in a host of colors and formulations. A needle punctures the skin repeatedly to deliver the pigment in the dermis. Tattoos remain visible overtime because the pigment is too big to be consumed by white blood cells.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Laser tattoo removal works by projecting light energy onto the skin. The pigment comprising the tattoo selectively absorbs the light, and in the process, breaks down the ink.  This then makes it easy for the body’s immune system to flush out the ink, effectively getting rid of the tattoo. Repeated sessions are needed to completely rid a tattoo. Depending on how much ink is present, the age of the tattoo, and color will determine how many sessions are required.

Tattoo removal training

Laser tattoo removal training is available as part of our Hands On Aesthetics Certified Laser Training. The training is available as classroom setting or on-site training to best cater to your requirement. The training introduces you to the physics behind laser therapy and sufficient hands-on experience that positions you as a competent laser tattoo removal technician.

Let us help

The laser tattoo removal market is very huge given that in the US, over 50 percent of women and 45 percent of men that are 18 to 45 years of age have tattoos. Reasons and emotions that lead people to have tattoos change or fall away overtime, leaving over half of the people with some form of regret and the need for professional laser tattoo removal services. If you are considering adding laser tattoo removal to your medical practice, talk to MedLaserUSA today for competitively priced medical lasers, medical laser financing, as well as laser tattoo removal training, among others. Call us at 888 284 2486 or mail to

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