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Why the Candela Laser For Hair Removal is the Gold Standard

Cosmetic laser treatments available on the market allow you to get enduring results, feel confident in your skin, and show off your body. That is why practitioners and clinics are incorporating latest technologies to appeal to ever-increasing demand for cosmetic laser treatments. One tried and tested option to work on your appearance and confidence is laser hair removal. MedLaserUSA offers a diverse selection of top laser equipment for hair removal, whether new or used. It is a favorite for patients, practitioners, and clinics. When you are in the market for a laser machine for hair removal, one option that deserves your consideration is the Candela laser machine for hair removal.

The technology

The Candela laser is considered the gold standard when it comes to comparing the pros and cons of IPL and Laser hair removal.  The alexandrite laser uses a Dynamic Cooling Device to make sure that customers are always feeling comfortable throughout the treatment. They are very popular on the used cosmetic laser market and enjoy use in more than 85 countries. This is because Candela lasers can be repaired easily and quickly. They also demand less by way of servicing. Other distinct benefits of owning a candela laser machine include:

  • They are reliable workhorses
  • They can be used to offer many different cosmetic laser treatments including vein treatment, cellulite reduction, wrinkle reduction, acne treatments
  • It provides permanent hair reduction results
  • It uses cryogen
  • It is available in different options including Mini GentleLase, Mini GentleYag, GentleMax, and GentlePro Series.
  • You get skin removal for all skin types.
  • Some options allow you to combine the alexandrite 755nm laser with Nd:YAG 1064nm

MedLaserUSA can Help!

When you want to have real value for your money when buying a new or used Candela laser machine for hair removal, MedLaserUSA is your one-stop shop. We have a full range of Candela machines including the Pro series. Talk to us today to hear how we can help with your requirement. We offer a warranty on used equipment as well as attractive aesthetic laser lease terms. If you have cashflow issues, our financing facility is designed for you. Get the laser that your business needs and also arrange for routine maintenance and repairs. Just dial 888 284 2486 or mail us at

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