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Why You Must Add Laser Hair Removal Services to your Practice


Doctors, dermatologists, and other medical professionals looking to grow their practice can take advantage of the growing popularity of cosmetic laser treatments. The service is no longer just the stuff of models and other beauty and beauty professionals, buy every but fashion conscious people of both sexes. The industry is not only experiencing runaway growth but valuation as well. With an anticipated upswing of opportunity at a CAGR of 0.9% to 2022. The global industry is also expected to grow by US1.35 bn in value by the same year. It therefore makes perfect sense to buy new or used cosmetic laser equipment for sale and go into business.

Why Cosmetic Laser Treatments

The main contributor to these glowing stats, according to global industry regions, is North America. The trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future, making America a great place to incorporate cosmetic laser treatments. Competition is also growing in sync with that of the industry as laser technologies are continuously being improved by various leading brands. This makes it easy to position yourself strategically in relation to any competition, by doing a market study and dealing with a dealer like MedLaserUSA that gives you access to the latest new and used cosmetic laser equipment for sale and lease. Old and new manufacturers keep churning out new and exciting pieces of equipment that allow you to get even better results and broaden the scope and appeal of your services.

Interesting Stats about Laser Hair Removal

  • A laser hair removal treatment appointment takes only 20 minutes and results become noticeable within 12 weeks after 2 visits.
  • Depending on the treatment area, each visit can cost anything between $50 and $300. Average price for arm hair is $125 while $420 is that of back hair.
  • Most people report a 90% success rate in terms of hair reduction in the targeted areas
  • According to the National Laser Institute, 2016 saw 1.1 million procedures being performed, generating the industry $16+ billion.

We can Help

Take the golden opportunity to grow your practice by offering cosmetic laser treatments. Talk to us today to hear how we can help you achieve that goal. We offer cosmetic lasers for sale and rent as well as training, maintenance and repair services. You can get equipment from leading cosmetic laser manufacturers whether you want a laser hair removal machine or one that can serve multiple purposes. Just dial 888 284 2486 or mail us at

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