What are cookies? 

Computer “cookies” are small data packets sent from a website and stored to a website user’s web browser while visiting or browsing a website. When the user browses the same website in the future, data has been stored in the cookie which can be retrieved by the website to notify the website of the user’s previous activity.  Cookies do not harm your computer in any way, and are usually automatically deleted after a certain period of time, such as six months. 

Does MedLaser USA use cookies on its website?

Yes.  Like virtually all websites, we use specific types of cookies on our sites.  This allows us the ability to collect non-personal information through a variety of functions in order for us to help identify and simplify use for visitors who return to our site. Active cookies also have the function to share valuable data with us, including what type of users have visited our site, pages visited, and whether or not there were any technical problems in loading pages on our site. Only by collecting this information are we able to learn what parts of our sites are most interesting or valuable to our users, and can thus monitor the overall interest of our website.  It also allows us to identify technical  problems so we can make corrections right away.  The end goal is to provide the information with future upgrades and website content that will improve service and information for our visitors looking to buy, sell, rent, finance or repair aesthetic lasers and medical equipment. 


Am I required to accept cookies to use the MedLaser USA website? 

No, certainly not.  You can always disable the use of cookies from a website by turning off the cookie function on your web browser. If choosing to disable cookies, you may find that some portions of the website will not function as intended as others. For example, if you device to access a password require area you may be restricted since we will not be able to appropriately authenticate the user due to the disabling of cookies. 

What information do you receive about me through cookies?

We use cookies to allow users to be authenticated after visiting our site to explore content or make purchases. Cookies provide us with data to determine whether you’ve visited us before, and to help us identify site features in which you may have the greatest interest. Browser cookies may enhance your online experience and website loading time by saving data or your preferences while you are visiting a particular web page so that you do not need to reset them each time you visit the website. You can decline cookies through your browser settings.  However, without html cookies you may not be able to take full advantage of all our website features. Please see our disclosure section below to manage your cookies. It is important to note, that neither browser or flash cookies can personally identify you as an individual.

What happens if I choose not to disable cookies on my computer?

Unless you disable cookies by using our website and online services, you agree that we can place these types of cookies and related technologies on your device for any of the applications or use MedLaser USA has determined appropriate or fit. 

What are web beacons?

Some types of cookies collect information which is designed to helps us to improve our website performance. Providing us with information regarding loading errors or most visited webpages. Certain pages on our site may contain web beacons to help display content or to generate statistics regarding web traffic and trends. Web beacons cannot identify you as an individual.

What are advertising cookies?

Advertising cookies are cookies that target an individual to purchase certain items based upon their web browsing practices.  For example, if you browse cosmetic lasers on the web, and if the websites that you use has installed advertising cookies, you may see pop-up ads for other sites that sell aesthetic products or have content relating to medical devices.  MedLaser USA may use advertising cookies on its websites or otherwise allow certain third parties to use those types of cookies on its websites.

How do I opt-out to your use of cookies or similar web technologies? 

You may opt out from the use of cookies in two different ways. One, you can set your web browser to prevent the use of cookies.  If so, you can still browse our website but may not be able to use access its full features or make purchases. Second, you can click the opt-out link below and prevent use of non-essential cookies or related web apps. Please note that the disabled code for cookies will still be present on your computer or other device and the cookies will be listed in your browser should you access a website without previously clearing the cookies from your browser history or cache. Instructions on how to remove or disable cookies may be found at  I would like to opt-out of the use of cookies by MedLaser USA.  I understand that if I do so, I may not be able to use all of the features of the site.

Who can I contact for more information or to discuss my rights?

You may contact MedLaser USA by using the “Contact Us” section of the website or by writing to MedLaser USA at 1699 Wall Street, Suite 120 Mount Prospect, IL 60056.  You may also email us at