Emcyte PRP Platelet Rich Plasma

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FDA Approved Medical Device

510(K)050055, K070666, &

Emcyte Corp a PRP Industry Leader

High quality PRP from Emcyte with over 17 years

Completely Closed System

Other systems have toxin or contaminates, not AbsolutePRP Gold due to closed system.

Affordable Kit

When comparing cost per kit, quality, PRP concentrations, and sterility AbsoluteGold PRP is #1!

Easy To Process Kit

Small amount of blood, 1 minute spin, quick 1 step extraction.

Clinical Grade Premium PRP

AbsolutePRP Gold concentrates platelets for an optimal aesthetic dose. Clinical grade PRP for premium results!

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Key Benefits :
  • Emcyte PRP Full Product Portfolio 
  • Single & Double Spin Kits available 
  • Optimal dose of PRP with Highest Concentrations 
  • Completely closed system
  • Affordable Kit
  • FDA Cleared 510K Medical Device
  • High Quality PRP Equals High Quality Results
Available PRP Kits  FDA 510(K) Numbers

Available PRP Kits 

Emcyte PRP Platelet Rich Plasma

  • AbsolutePRP GOLD (20 ml)
  • PurePRP II (30 ml, 60 ml, 120 ml)
  • Absolute PRP (30 ml, 60 ml, 120 ml)
  • PureBMC (30 ml, 60 ml, 120 ml)
  • AbsoluteBMC (30 ml, 60 ml, 120 ml)

Emcyte Centrifuges:

  • Executive Series Centrifuge II
  • Platinum Series Centrifuge

FDA 510(K) Numbers

Emcyte PRP is Approved By The FDA, 510k:

  • K050055
  • K070666
  • K024080

Emcyte’s Platelet Rich Plasma Kits Produce Clinical Grade PRP

Platelet Recovery
< 1%
Inflammatory Components

Buy The Best Aesthetic Platelet Rich Plasma Kit For Your Clinic

Platelet Rich Plasma also know as PRP is the process of collecting a small amount of blood from the patient in a FDA cleared, sterile and pyrogen free device and spun down to separate the plasma portion of the blood from the inflammatory red blood cells and granulocytes.

Why EmCyte PRP vs Tube/Gel Separator System?

Absolute Gold PRP kits are scientifically designed to produce clinical grade PRP. Not all Tube Systems are FDA cleared and do not produce high enough concentrations to elicit a dose response. Diagnostic Tubes are meant for lab work and so is their centrifuge. Diagnostic Tubes specifically state they should not be used for reapplication to the body, Emcyte PRP is the fastest, easiest, most affordable kit on the market and produces the highest quality Platelet Rich Plasma. Each Emcyte PRP kit yield optimal levels of premium Platelet Rich Plasma which means more treatment options for your patients. Treat Face, Neck, Hair, and Multiple areas of the body with 1 kit.

Why Is The Centrifuge Extremely Important?

Emcyte Platelet Rich Plasma Centrifuge is designed to spin blood at certain specifications to produce clinical grade PRP. Otherwise, if you use a diagnostic centrifuge that is not specifically designed for PRP but rather diagnostic purposes then you would only have platelet poor plasma. 

Why Is the Buffy Coat Important?

If your PRP kit does not create a visual buffy coat, layer of concentrated platelets between the plasma and the red blood cells, your PRP kit is not concentrating platelets. Tube Systems cannot create a buffy coat due to the majority of the platelets becoming lost on the gel separator.

Do Not Buy a Tube System for PRP and Why Tube Systems Risky

Tube systems are not closed systems. A needle must be inserted or top removed to extract the PRP, thus opening up the system for possible contamination. Do not put your patients at risk for contamination with non-closed systems. Additionally, diagnostic tube systems that were not created for PRP or reapplication to the body contain chemicals or toxins that are only meant for lab purposes and not meant for reapplication to the body. If you care about your patients well being and avoiding risky practices then stay away from tube systems.

Invest in EmCyte PRP Backed by Science & Evidence

Investing in a PRP system, is investing in the future of your practice. New treatment options are continually being uncovered. PRP is a “future proof” treatment to add to your menu. PRP treatments are helping patients in ways other medical treatments can’t when it comes to certain aesthetic and medical conditions.