What type of water does my laser use?

Lasers typically use distilled water or dionized water. Its important to read the manual for your laser and only use the specific water the laser calls for and change the water as scheduled.

What type of electrical do I need to operate my aesthetic laser?

All lasers will come with a manual, details will discuss the specifications for electrical requirements. MedLaser USA can help guide you with what electrical is required for your specific laser. Lasers can draw a significant amount of power and its important to have a dedicated line for your laser. If you over load the circuit for your operation room then you can end up popping the breaker.

Where should I go to obtain certified laser training?

MedLaser USA offers basic functionality training on all of our devices and we offer certified laser training. If your state requires extended vocational training or extended hours of training we can either provide what is required or refer you to an appropriate training school which will help you meet those requirements. Its important that you understand your local laws and requirements for training.

What type of training do I need to operate my laser?

Many states in the United States are expanding their requirements for laser training. It is important to review your local state laws to determine what type of training is needed. Some states require training from a schools approved under the specific state, some require minimum hours, and some required training from a licensed vocational school. MedLaser USA offers standard certified training, if you need a specific type of training it is important that you check with your local laws to ensure you request the appropriate training for your state.

How Should I pay for my aesthetic laser?

Lasers are a significant investment and determining how you’re going to pay for them is a vital step in financial planning for your business. It is important to talk with your accountant to review your financial situation to determine what is best. Tax code 179 offers a rebate when you file for taxes, its important to discuss this tax code with your accountant. There are several ways to purchase a laser either through leasing which is financing, full cash purchase, partial cash purchase with the remaining financed, or using credit card if accepted. If you have the cash available to purchase in full it’s a great way to save money on interest. MedLaser USA all avenues available to obtain a laser for your business.

How to I start a Medical Spa business?

Starting a medical spa requires a series of steps but its very easy to start medical spa business. MedLaser USA specializes in helping businesses start up their spa. It is important to create a website, establish an entity, obtain office spa, create a brand or a logo, and then we can help you with the rest. Give us a call to learn more.

Should I buy a new or used aesthetic laser?

Once you determine which treatments you want to offer and a budget you are able to narrow down what type of equipment you’re going to add. MedLaser USA offers both new and used lasers but buying brand new always out weights buying used. Used equipment comes with many extended after sales expenses that all other companies will not tell you about. Any laser from any of the large laser companies carries hidden fees known as recertification’s, when a used laser is passed on to its secondary owner the new owner will be forced to pay for a recertification to obtain any parts or service. Secondary market service is limited for many brands as companies control their parts and service. For example, if you buy a Honda you can only get your car serviced from Honda and only buy parts from Honda. At MedLaser USA we do things differently, all of our factory new lasers do not come with recertification fees and all of our parts are affordable.

How do I find a Medical Director for my Medical Spa?

There are many ways you can find a medical director for your spa. Create a business letter with your company logo and letter head up top, write a well crafted letter offering the service of medical director and drop it off to local physicians. MedLaser USA has resources and extended relationships with physicians across the United States, please give us a call and we can personally direct you on how to obtain a medical director. We guarantee with our proprietary strategy and relationships that we will help you find a medical director.

How do I grow my client base in my medical spa?

Most medical spas think that by purchasing a specific brand or specific device will attract clients. This flat out wrong! If this was true then just plugging in a laser equates to success, this is not true. Growing your client base should be focused on your marketing strategy. Marketing is creative and there is no single correct way to grow your business. Utilizing all avenues and maximizing your marketing budget is most appropriate for growth. Most common ways to enhance your client base is through technology! Examples of marketing strategies: Google adwords, your website, social media ads, display booths at local events, partnering with local businesses, press releases, sponsoring local events, and radio ads are a few ways to expand your business. It is very important that you expand your marketing to grow you business.

What treatments should I offer in my medical spa?

It may be a challenge to determine what treatments you will offer in your new medical spa or what type of equipment you should buy. There are a few “all-in-one” devices on the market and they may be attractive but come with many downsides. “All-in-one” devices are expensive, limit you to operating only 1 room, limit you to only operating 1 client at a time, are expensive, limit room for growth, and if they break down you are left with zero treatment offerings. Its best to poll your current client base, do market research, and understand your local area. Running a local facebook ad asking your potential clients might help or even preselling treatment packages to determine what might be best. Working with MedLaser USA we can help you identify specific treatments you can start or grow your business with.

What is the best laser for tattoo removal?

Understanding the science behind the devices which are used for tattoo removal will determine what is best. The gold standard for tattoo removal is a Q-switched Nd:Yag laser. This type of laser comes in 2 different speeds of which the light travels on to the skin, either picosecond or nanosecond. Picosecond is the latest technology and comes with a hefty price tag. Nanosecond, which is the gold standard and offers an affordable price point compared to Picosecond is most popular. Other types of Q-switched lasers used for tattoo removal is 532nm KTP and Alexandrite. It is important that the operate has proper training to understand pigment absorption in relation to skin type for each of these types of lasers for safe operation.

What is the best laser for hair removal?

To truly understand what is the best laser for hair removal it is most important to focus on the science of a laser and think beyond a brand. All laser companies will brand or apply a marketing campaign behind the laser. This is good and bad as it will allow recognition of the product but also gives false ideas behind science. Its important to understand what a laser is because regardless of brand, science doesn’t change. There are 3 main types of lasers for hair removal which are an alexandrite laser, diode laser, and Nd:Yag laser. All of these lasers are long pulse durations with longer resting times on the skin. Depending on what skin types you’re seeing in your clinic and your budget will determine which of these 3 types of lasers is best.

Who can operate an aesthetic laser?

Depending on what state or country you have established your business and the local laws that have been established will determine who can operate a laser. Most states in the United States will allow anyone with proper training, certification, and medical director over site to operate the laser. As lasers are designated into 2 categories (ablative or non-ablative), all states clearly state either a MD, PA, or NP can operate an ablative laser or requires direct onsite supervisions from an MD. Most if not all states require a medical director who will oversee and delegate operating responsibilities of the aesthetic laser. It is the business owners responsibilities that you follow your local laws for operation and maintaining a safe environment for laser operation.

What is Preventative Maintenance?

It is very important to schedule regular maintenance with a service provider of your laser. This will prolong the life of your laser and ensure its operating at its highest level. Most lasers have water circulating through the system and require regular changing as well as filters and cleaning of internals. If one does skips any regular maintenance or neglects changing any parts that should be replaced after a certain time of usage then it may avoid warranties or cause extended damage which could have been avoided.

How Long Does an Aesthetic Laser Last – What is the Life Span of an Aesthetic Laser?

There are many details that impact how long an aesthetic laser should last. We can relate an aesthetic laser to a car because like a car both aesthetic lasers depreciate and also take on wear and tear. The more miles you drive on your car and the more you use it the more you will need to maintain your car. For example, if you drive 50,000 miles you will have a series of oil changes, replace windshield wipers, filters, and possibly some tires. Likewise, lasers have “shot counts” in the software that records how many times the laser has been fired.
We can consider this count like the mileage of the laser. Every single type of laser has specific parts on the system which have only last for a certain number of shot counts. Longevity of each part on any laser has a shout count limit before it needs to be replaced and some times the manual will discuss these specifics. It is important to take care of the laser, replace parts according the manufactures specifications, and this will equate to a longer life span. The more you use your laser the more wear and tear will happen on the device, this is impossible to avoid.

A clinic who uses their laser for only 10 treatments a month vs. a clinic who uses their laser all day every day will have 2 different longevity experiences of their lasers. A conservative estimate with regular maintenance and taking good care of their laser should see their investment last around 5 year or longer.

What is an aesthetic laser?

Lets take it to the basics, laser stands for Light Amplification by the Simulated Emission of Radiation. Pretty cool, right!? Honestly, no one truly understands the meaning of light but we can think of light as being produced in many colors. This is also true with aesthetic laser’s, there are many different types of lasers. These types are called wavelengths. When anyone first ventures out to learn about lasers everyone gets wrapped up into brand names. This is a big mistake and can cost you big money that you will be paying on for years to come!! When you purchase a laser its to generate income not to enslave you into debt! Reality is lasers are expensive but it doesn’t need to be a $200,000.00 mistake.Back to some knowledge, it is very important to think of a laser in its basic scientific form also called a wavelength or light wave. All wavelengths produce a different color and also a different aesthetic treatment out come.

We have established that there are many different wavelengths and all wavelengths can do different aesthetic procedures. Lets pretend we have a tool belt and we have a hammer, tape measure, some nails and so on. We wouldn’t use the hammer to measure a distance right? Correct. Likewise, not all laser wavelengths are appropriate for every treatment. Again, a wavelength is a laser and not all lasers work for every treatment. You need the correct wavelength for the desired treatment. If you understand this scientific foundation of having the correct wavelength for desired treatment and not focusing on just a brand name then you are on the path to saving yourself a lot of money which is what MedLaser USA can help you do. It is important to have the right laser wavelength to achieve the specific treatment you want to offer.

About Aesthetic Lasers

If you have already purchased a laser and you’re looking to add additional treatments with adding another laser or you are first starting out your research on how to buy an aesthetic laser you will find some frequently asked questions about aesthetic lasers. Some of these questions are basic for newbies and will also be more detailed advanced questions as well. If there is anything you don’t see on here and are looking for an answer to, please submit your questions and we will add them.