Idaho Medical Laser Laws

Idaho Medical Laser Laws & State Regulations

The information provided is for general education purposes. Please consult with a healthcare attorney for proper legal guidance for all cosmetic laser operation laws and regulations within your designated state. This information is NOT intended to be legal advise or a substitute for legal guidance. This information may be incomplete or outdated. You need to contact a healthcare attorney & State government for most updated information. 

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Guidelines for Hair Removal Using Intense Pulsed Light and/or Laser Devices Supervised by Medical Personnel

1. The use of an intense pulsed light and/or laser prescriptive device to cosmetically alter human tissue must be on the prescription of an Idaho doctor.

2. The actual treatment for hair removal using an intense pulsed light and/or laser prescriptive device may be delegated by an Idaho physician registered as a supervising physician with the Idaho State Board of Medicine to properly trained medical personnel in accordance with IDAPA 22.01.04.

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