Kansas Medical Laser Laws

Kansas Medical Laser Laws & State Regulations

The information provided is for general education purposes. Please consult with a healthcare attorney for proper legal guidance for all cosmetic laser operation laws and regulations within your designated state. This information is NOT intended to be legal advise or a substitute for legal guidance. This information may be incomplete or outdated. You need to contact a healthcare attorney & State government for most updated information. 

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Kansas Office of Revisor of Statutes



In April 2001 and amended in March 2002, the Board adopted regulations relating to supervision of light-based medical treatments. The regulations require physicians to have written practice protocol agreements with those who use a light-based medical device to provide a professional service under their supervision. Treatments are required to be performed at a location where the supervising physician maintains a practice or while the physician is physically immediately available. Treatments performed while the physician is not physically present are required to be performed within written operating parameters. Person receiving treatment are required to give consent. This rule does not apply to phototherapy in treatment of hyperbilirubinemia or to a chiropractor engaging in lightbased physiotherapy.

Kansas Board of Healing Arts

KSA Article 27, 100-27-1. Article 27.–Light-Based Medical Treatment


KSA 65-2872(g) establishes that persons performing medical services under the supervision of a physician are not unlawfully practicing medicine. KSA 65-28, 127 places specific duties on physicians who delegate, etc., acts that constitute the practice of medicine under the MPA.