Louisiana Medical Laser Laws

Louisiana Medical Laser Laws & State Regulations

The information provided is for general education purposes. Please consult with a healthcare attorney for proper legal guidance for all cosmetic laser operation laws and regulations within your designated state. This information is NOT intended to be legal advise or a substitute for legal guidance. This information may be incomplete or outdated. You need to contact a healthcare attorney & State government for most updated information. 

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Statute states that the use of lasers or chemical treatments for therapeutic or cosmetic purposes constitutes the practice of medicine. Only persons licensed under the laws of the state to practice medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, or podiatry shall perform laser surgery. In November 2001, the Board issued a position statement on the use of medical lasers for chemical skin treatments stating that such treatments are the practice of medicine and may be performed only by a licensed physician or by a non-physician who acts under the direct supervision of a physician licensed in LA. Non-physicians who perform laser or chemical treatments in violation of the law, will be considered to be engaged in the unauthorized practice of medicine.

LA. REV. STAT. §37:1261-92