Maine Medical Laser Laws

Maine Medical Laser Laws & State Regulations

The information provided is for general education purposes. Please consult with a healthcare attorney for proper legal guidance for all cosmetic laser operation laws and regulations within your designated state. This information is NOT intended to be legal advise or a substitute for legal guidance. This information may be incomplete or outdated. You need to contact a healthcare attorney & State government for most updated information. 

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Professional and Financial Regulation also works in conjunction with the Board of Licensure in Medicine with regard to laser skin treatment devices used by aestheticians and cosmetologists

The MPA, Chapter 48, Section 3270-A states that nothing in this chapter shall be construed as prohibiting a physician or surgeon from delegating to his employees certain activities relating to medical care and treatment now being carried out by custom and usage when such activities are under the direct control of and in the personal presence of a physician or surgeon. The physician delegating such activities… shall be deemed legally liable for such activities of such persons, and such persons shall be in this relationship be construed as the physician’s agent.