MedPulse IPL

Hair Removal + Photofacial + Vascular + Pigmentation
An Affordable IPL Solution
  • Multifunctional

    Photofacials, Vascular, Pigmenation, and hair removal

  • Safe

    Safe, effective, and affordable solution!

  • Fast Treatments

    Quickly execute treatments

Our Strong Points Ipad
  • Painless

    Painless photofacials and hair removal!

  • Effective

    The most popular and widely request photofacial device on the market

  • Easy To Use

    The MedPulse IPL is easy to use, quickly transition between modalities and perform treatments in minimal time.

Key Features
-Affordable IPL Technology
-Multi-Treatment System (Hair Removal, Photofacials, Skin Rejuvenation, Pigmentation, and Vascular)
-Comfortable Hand Piece for Non-Fatiguing Use
-Large Spot Size of 12x30mm for Fast Treatments
-Low Investment Cost High Return on Investment
-Modern Attractive Design
-Advanced IPL+RF Technology for Effective Treatments
MedPulse IPL Technology
The system features E-Light technology (IPL+RF), using 2 energy based deliveries instead of one which means the MedPulse IPL will provide more effective results at lower over all energy output than your standard IPL technology. E-Light technology is more effective than standard IPL because of emitting the optical light pulse and electrical pulse at the same exact time. The purpose behind 2 deliveries of energy is to force the electrical energy to stream simultaneously to the region of the hair follicle by causing thermal damage, providing a more focused thermal effect than a single pulse of intense light. With less intense light energy delivered with MedPulse IPL E-Light technology there are lower burning risks and the synergistic combination of both energies equate to a gentle pulse that can be delivered for a longer period of time. E-Light technology yeilds better results and leaves the surrounding skin from potentially harmful side effects seen with standard IPL technology.
Advantages of the MedPulse IPL
-Higher total combined enegery can be delivered without the risk of epidermal damage
-Enhanced targeting of treatment areas
-Safer on darker skin types than IPL alone
-Ability to treat lighter hair
Life Cycle of Hair
The process of laser hair removal requires frequent visits typically spaced out between 6-8 weeks apart. This is important because hair grows in in cycles and is divided into 3 phases; Anagen, Catagen, and Talogen. It is important to target the hair in its growth phase for effective hair removal treatment which is the Anagen phase. Hair in the Catagen and Telogen can’t be completely destroyed because the light cannot efficiently target the root of the hair in its active growing phase.

MedPulse IPL Hand Piece Technology
This device comes standard with a large spot size of 12x30mm giving the user the ability to cover large ares quickly. If you’re treating the face you can target specific areas gently or quickly get through larger treatment ares such as the legs or back efficiently. The hand piece is comfortable to use and is light weight to ensure your wrist does not get fatigued for long hours of use. The MedPulse IPL is a workhorse and comes standard with filters ranging from 480-1200nm allowing you to effectively treat vascular conditions, photofacials, skin rejuvenation, hair removal, and pigmentation. The MedPulse IPL is a perfect for every clinic looking to add and IPL or is also a great starter device for anyone first venturing into opening up a medical spa.

Why choose MedPluse IPL with E-Light Technology?
This device is perfect for every clinic looking to add a system which allows a broad spectrum of light allowing a wide variety of treatment options in 1 system. Because the MedPulse IPL delivers light ranging from 480-1200nm you’re able to target many different treatment options within this system. This detail makes the MedPulse IPL perfect for a brand new business because you’re able to offer all the basic aesthetic treatment options without breaking your pocket.
MedPulse IPL – One Applicator for All IPL Indications
MedPulse IPL comes standard with 5 filters 

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Controller: LCD Screen
OutputPower: 2000 W
IPL Energy: 1-50J
Pulse Duration: 1-9.9ms
Pulse Delay: 1-99ms
RF Energy: 1-50J
RF Frequency: 6MHz
Pulse/Discharge Interval: 1-4s
Pulse No.: 1-6
Hand Piece Number: 1
Spot Size: 12x30mm
Cooling System:  Semiconductor + Air + Water + cooling gel
Skin Cooling: 0-10 Degree C
Program Language: Any Customized Language Available
Dimensions of Machine:  45x59x136 cm
N.W.: 45 KG
Voltage: 220v/110v

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