Minnesota Medical Laser Laws

Minnesota Medical Laser Laws & State Regulations

The information provided is for general education purposes. Please consult with a healthcare attorney for proper legal guidance for all cosmetic laser operation laws and regulations within your designated state. This information is NOT intended to be legal advise or a substitute for legal guidance. This information may be incomplete or outdated. You need to contact a healthcare attorney & State government for most updated information. 

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  • State statute defines the use of lasers as surgery and, therefore, such use constitutes the practice of medicine. Subd. 3. Practice of medicine defined. https://www.revisor.mn.gov/statutes/?id=147&view=chapt er&year=2010&keyword_type=all&keyword=laser For purposes of this chapter, a person not exempted under section 147.09 is “practicing medicine” or engaged in the “practice of medicine” if the person does any of the following: (4) offers or undertakes to perform any surgical operation including any invasive or noninvasive procedures involving the use of a laser or laser assisted device, upon any person;
  • 2012 HF 3026/SF 2617 would provide for the regulation of laser treatment by statute. Bill generally requires that the use of laser, intense pulsed light device or radio frequency device for aesthetic treatments may only be performed by a nurse, an advanced medical practitioner or a health practitioner. Allows a physician to delegate the performance of a laser treatment through the use of a written protocol.